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Low on funds but still want a product to sell? I've done this before...

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Posted 6th November 2013 at 02:49 PM by shawnlebrun

A lot of folks here on the forum don't have huge budgets when it comes to product creation/copy/traffic.

so, here's something I did way back in 2004 or so. It may not be right for everyone... but it works and I used it to sell over six figures of a weight gain ebook.

First, find a niche that's in pain... and have problems they want solved asap.

Think instant pain stuff... like heartburn, tinnitus, acne, migraines, cellulite, etc...

Once you locate a niche that has a problem... now set out and solve that problem.

Google and find resource sites that offer up as many solutions to that problem as you can find, and copy and paste the content/articles, etc...

MAKE SURE you give complete 100% credit where credit is due. If it's an article, make sure you give complete resource rights to the author, link, etc...

If it's a large resource site like WebMd, make sure you give credit... link, author name, etc.

You are NOT stealing content, you're packaging up all the solutions you can find, to solve someone's problem, and putting them all in one place.

If you can offer a 50-page ebook that REALLY solves someone's problem... they WILL invest $19 or more with you.

I repeat, you DON'T steal... you're looking for content that's already out there... and you're going to compile it and give 100% credit.

Next, find a sales letter at the top of clickbank that's doing well, and use it as a model.

Again, you're not stealing or copying... you're using it as a model.

Use that top-performing letter to model yours after... change all the words, just use it as a swipe.

Then, contact as many other site owners in that niche as you can... asking if you can do a swap/JV, etc...

Or, if you have a few dollars to invest, get some adwords, facebook ads, solos, article marketing, etc...

In all, you're just using elbow grease, time, and effort... with very little cash outlay.

You're packing up valuable information in one place, so people can have it all there, in one spot, as a resource.

And be sure to give complete 100% credit to the author and site.

Then, use a top selling sales letter in that niche to model yours after... changing all the words but yet keeping the same meaning.

Then, find some inexpensive traffic sources and you've just given yourself a giant head start towards an inexpensive product that CAN sell.

Here's an inexpensive way to get started in the weight loss niche...

You can get a profitable weight loss ebook and all the sales copy and emails to sell it... while you keep all of the profits...

Instant online biz... just add traffic!

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