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How Often Should you Email Your List?

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Posted 16th January 2014 at 06:16 PM by shawnlebrun

A lot of marketers wonder just how often they should email their lists.

These days, I find that once a day is working well for me, but it's gotta be done right.

It really all comes down to this:

If you email your list everyday and you're hypey, overly aggressive, always pushing something up front, and just trying to make a buck... you'll get people running for the unsubscribe link.

But offer up emails each day that help people on your list get their goals met and problems solved... they'll LOVE hearing from you each day.

That's really the determining factor... it's what you send them that makes the difference between how many times they want to hear from you.

Send shit in your emails... and once a week is too much.

Send life-changing info that's fun and exciting and informative... and your list will even enjoy emails from you every day.

I've seen it all first hand in my online businesses... in just about every niche I'm in.

I can get away with daily emails IF I'm sending something they can use right away to solve a problem or meet a need/fulfill a desire.

Before I even think about hitting "send" I ask myself "will this email help my list get results in something... either solve a problem or reach a goal?"

If it's a "no"... I don't send and I rewrite.

So, it all boils down to value. Pile on the value and you can email every day and people will love you.

Pile on the crap and you wouldn't get away with weekly emails without people unsubscribing.

I've had people on my lists TELL me that I didn't email on a certain day... it's almost as if they were eagerly awaiting it.

You'll be fine emailing them every day if you offer up incredible info that they feel like they should be paying for.

Heck, do that and they'll be welcoming your emails because they find them valuable and useful.

But make them sales pitches and they'll delete them on sight.

So, when I send an email, I do the "give-take" exchange in which I give them the incredible info first... then I soft sell at the end, or in the P.S. section.

But its never a hard push. its subtle because it's worked the best for me.

After you've proven yourself by offering up a ton of value... they're more likely to buy.

But I set it up so that they know the product or service I'm recommending enhances the free tip or technique I just shared.

The only reason people on your list would complain is if you bombard them with sales pitches every day.

But if you're seen as the one bright spot in their email box each day... they'll welcome you.

If you send out emails everyday that not only entertain, but offer value and are fun to read... you can send daily emails in any niche.

When you think about it, people sign up for your list to get information from you... they see you as a valuable source of info that can help them.

So, if you send out daily emails that accomplish that... they'll enjoy hearing from you every day.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you got great value and content in daily emails sent to you... you'd be fine getting them every day.

But if all you got were sales pitches, you'd unsubscribe.

And if someone unsubscribes from your list because you send them daily emails that are valuable and offer great content, you don't want them on your lists. Chances are, they are not great prospects.

Daily emails can work wonders or you can shoot yourself in the foot with them... it's all about the content you send out.

If your intent is to sell with them, and only sell... you'll get alot of unsubs.

If your intent is to truly help your list get what they want... daily emails are awesome and can literally double your sales.
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