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Email copywriter Shawn Lebrun can help you double your sales and income in just 30 days, using nothing but his email copywriting tips.
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Can email change your customers lives? You'd be surprised...

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Posted 1st February 2014 at 12:12 PM by shawnlebrun

I remember last year, I got a call from a marketer friend who had been trying to get into the copywriting field... but he was having a tough go at it.

He told me how he had been feeling down and out... and wasn't sure if he was gonna make it in the copy biz.

I could just tell in his voice that he was down
and depressed.

He was going on about how his bills were piling up, how his wife was on his case about making money, he said he wasn't sure if he could actually make a living as a copywriter.

He asked me what I should do... and my first piece of advice was that he had to change his mindset.

It was no negative... I'm sure it was keeping him from taking the right kind of action to improve his situation.

I told him to get on Ben Settle's email list... which he did. I told him Ben often sent out emails that talked about how he struggled in the past with his business...

How he had been up to his eyeballs in debt, how he actually had to live in his car because he was technically "homeless" once in the past.

Anyways, I got a call recently from this copywriter and I could immediately tell in his voice that he was doing so much better.

He sounded positive and upbeat.

I asked him what had changed.

He said my advice about getting on Ben's list changed his entire thought process and mindset.

He told me he spent hours and hours reading Ben's past emails on his blog... and how reading about Ben's struggles in the past helped him feel less alone.

He said he picked up a lot of cool ideas from Ben's past emails and more importantly, Ben's stories about how he was able to pull himself out of debt and get ahead... he said that was the biggest inspiration.

The moral of the story here?

Don't underestimate the power of your emails to customers and clients.

Your emails literally can help change their lives.

You can be that one bright spot in their day... that one "pat on their back" they need to keep going forward through tough times and adversity.

Once your emails are able to make people feel better about themselves, and more positive and happy... people will FLOCK to your list.

We all like hearing stories of "rags to riches" success... or positive, uplifting stories of those who struggled.. but are now succeeding.

Don't underestimate the power of your words when you send them to your list.

They literally could change the lives of people who read them.

My friend will be the first to admit it.

Want some help making sure your emails have the best chance of improving the lives of those on your list?

Click here to see how I can make sure your emails move your readers to take action...

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