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Email copywriter Shawn Lebrun can help you double your sales and income in just 30 days, using nothing but his email copywriting tips.
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If your emails bore... your prospects will snore...

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Posted 6th February 2014 at 10:28 AM by shawnlebrun

WAY too many marketers put all of their focus on their sales page.

Emails? An afterthought.

Sure... a kick ass sales page is important... or else you'll never get someone on your email list anyways.

But the truth is, 98% or so of all people who visit your sales page will not buy.

Just the way it is, bucko.

BUT.... if you get them on your email list and can stay in touch with them... that's where the REAL magic happens.

After all, if you only have one chance to sell them with your sales page... BUT you get them on your email list... you can reach them more often.

Like, even daily.

And what's more likely to lead to a sale... a one-shot try with your long sales letter... or repeat follow up contact with email.


But one word of warning... the magic don't happen by boring them to death with your emails.

Nope, you gotta be their bright spot in their otherwise boring day.

Once you start getting people to ANTICIPATE your emails... you'll soon make more money than you can imagine.

Believe me, I've lived it.

But honestly, most marketing emails are boring, dry, hype-filled, and I could go on and on.

You can't bore your reader into making a sale. If anything, they'll just unsubscribe.

Be fun, tell stories, be informative, be helpful... but just be YOU and add some personality.

Even if you have no clue how to write emails... just try to be helpful and aim at solving a problem your list may have.

Offer up a valuable piece of advice or a tip they can use right away to see some progress.

And then, tell them where they can go get more of your goodies... your product or service!

By being helpful, fun, informative, and aiming to solve their problems... you'll soon establish trust and a relationship.

And THAT'S where the real money is, partner.

It's from follow up, relationships, helping out those folks on your list... being a fun, enjoyable bright spot in their otherwise dreary day.

It's not from being boring, dry, or full of hype.

Be fun, be you, and be helpful... and I guarantee your sales will go up with email.

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