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Posted 18th February 2014 at 10:02 PM by shawnlebrun

I critique a lot of emails from both clients as well as students I coach.

One of the biggest mistakes I see them both make... is not asking for the damn sale!

Don't be pamby mamby and tip toe around the sale... tell them to order now... and then drop the link in front of them.

Look, people need direction... they need to be led.

And the worse thing you can do is get them hot and bothered... and drop the ball at the end of the email and not be direct in asking for them to cclick and check out whatcha got.

In my emails, I do it in 2 places.

At the very end of the email, before I sign off, I'll direct the reader to a link where they can check out what I'm selling.

But, before that I've built up plenty of reasons to get them WANTING to click.

Also, in the P.S. section of the email, after I've signed my name, I'll reinforce the main selling point and benefits... and then tell them to get their butts on over to the link and check out what I've got.

So, start asking for them to take action in those 2 spots... before you sign your name and then in the PS.

And be clear and direct... tell them exactly what to do.

People need to be led and shown what action you want them to take... don't leave it up to interpretation.

And in most emails I see, there's very little direction. It almost seems the marketer is HOPING the prospect clicks.

Nope, you gotta tell them to click now.

If you want emails that get the job done... and get your readers to open, read, and respond to your emails...

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