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Email copywriter Shawn Lebrun can help you double your sales and income in just 30 days, using nothing but his email copywriting tips.
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Posted 13th October 2015 at 12:44 PM by shawnlebrun

There have been times when I've written up an email to send to my list.. and right before I click "send", I'll ask myself "does this offer my list something of value...

Something they can use RIGHT NOW to improve their lives, get out of pain, solve a problem, or become happier.

If I can't answer "Yes"... I delete it or change it until I can say "Yes"

Look, if you EVER have a question as to what you should do at a certain point in business... you'll never run into a problem if you send them valuable content that HELPS them.

In fact, doing that over time will help increase your sales more than anything else.

Look, we're at a time where our attention is literally being pulled in 100 different directions.

And so we don't drive ourselves mad by the constant noise and advertising bombarding us each and every day... we're good at building up walls and filters that help us bounce these sales pitches right off us.

But what DOES get our attention?

Stuff that matters to us. Stuff that helps us. Stuff that helps us solve a problem or be happier.

In other words, helpful, valuable content can be the one thing that cuts through the clutter in your prospects' lives faster than a hot knife through soft butter.

If they SMELL a sales pitch... they're gone. Again, too busy.

But if you offer up some amazingly useful and valuable content each and every time, you're going to develop relationships with those people on your list.

And relationships is the basis for any sale. People tend to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

And who would they like and trust more? Someone constantly sending them nothing but sales pitches?

Or someone sending them useful, valuable content in an area that they're interested in?

If you own a dating business... send out some of your best advice and information on how people can get dates faster and easier.

The truth is, there's almost no case in which you're going to do any harm when you send out amazingly useful and valuable information to your prospects.If anything, it will solidify your relationship with them, and show them you have their best interests at heart.

And once again... selling all comes down to relationships.

And there's never been a case I've seen in which giving away an amazingly valuable piece of content to your prospects hurt more than helped.

If anything... constantly giving away incredibly valuable content and advice will only boost your relationship with your prospects...AND your sales.

You can tell...right away... the marketers who are looking to sell and just make money... versus the ones who truly care about their prospects and want to help them.

It all comes down to the content you put out. Put out blatant pitch after pitch... you appear to be someone who is simply trying to make a buck.

BUT... put out amazingly helpful and valuable content without asking for anything in return (yet) and you seem like you genuinely want to help your prospect.

So if your ever unsure about what you should do in a certain marketing situation in your biz... don't just go for the straight sales pitch.

Instead... take a step back and ask yourself if that's the best use of your time and resources RIGHT NOW.

Sure, there may very well be a time when you NEED to send out a straight sales pitch.

Say, you have a product you want to get rid of because you have too much of it in storage, so you can send a "discount price" email.

Or you're holding a fundraiser for someone who is sick... that could be a reason to send a more sales-driven email.

But for the most part, selling often comes later in the relationship.. after you've built up trust.

So, when you're ever in doubt as to what to send your list... offer amazingly valuable information that deepens the trust and relationship.

Doing that will move you 2 steps forward... toward making the sale.Sending out a bunch of sales pitches will always move you 2 steps back.

So, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers says... "Give it away, Give it away, Give it Away now..."

I promise, if you consistently focus on sending your list a lot of helpful, valuable advice and content that gets them more of what they want... they'll start coming to you for your products and services.

This way, you won't have to hard sell them... because you've built up so much trust, you've shown yourself to be such an expert who wants to help... people will seek you out.

And that's a much easier way to run a business... when people are always coming to you, to buy, instead of you always trying to sell.
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