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We All Need a Magic Feather

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Posted 19th March 2012 at 12:35 PM by ShayB

If anybody remembers the movie Dumbo, you'll remember the part where the crows talk about how they would use a magic feather to help the young crows have confidence to fly.

Dumbo's friend, the mouse ( whose name escapes me at the moment), gave Dumbo the magic feather and said it would give him the ability to fly.

Sure enough, Dumbo found that he could fly when he had the magic feather - using his huge ears.

But over the course of the story, he realized that the ability to fly was always in him. Having a magic feather only gave him the courage to try to fly in the first place.

We all need a magic feather.

There are so many things that you could accomplish - if you only had the confidence to try.

There are so many books that are inside of you that would benefit the world - if only you had the courage to write them.

There are so many ideas inside your head that could make money for you and could benefit other people - if only you had the courage to put them into practice.

There are so many words that you could speak in order to inspire other people - if only you had the courage to say them.

There are so many lives that you could change - if only you had the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

You could accomplish more than you could ever imagine if only you had someone whispering in your ear "You can do this."

It is my sincere hope - and, to be perfectly honest, my goal in life - to be a magic feather for as many people as I possibly can be.

Dream, believe, achieve.

You can do the impossible.

You just have to take the steps to start.
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