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How To Make 7Search Your B*tch....

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Posted 1st December 2013 at 11:28 PM by Shon Chris

Heres one of my older, more popular post. Although its somewhat dated...alot of the mechanics of advertising using PPC are still relevant today...Enjoy!

7 Search was a sexy broad who lived in the suburbs on the outskirts of the rough part of town and hung around everyone from professionals to seedy, unsavory types.

Sexy 7 is what they called her.

Sexy 7 had long beautiful legs and flowing red hair that drifted down to her UNBELIEVABLE rear end.

She had a walk that wouldn't quit and always looked the part of a runway model but was known for her razor sharp tongue and quick wit.

She drank and she smoked heavily....yet every man that laid eyes on her wanted to be with her.

Around about 4 in the afternoon, you could catch Sexy 7 at the local bar... having a shot of tequila, puffing on a Virginia Slim.

And as usual, Sexy 7 had suitors contantly approaching her with the same tired line about what they'd do to her if they could take her home. And AS USUAL, Sexy 7 would knock'em down just as quick as they'd come, every once in a while, even blowing cigarette smoke in their faces'.

And YET, ever so often there'd be maybe one or two that would approach Sexy 7 and instead of striking out...they'd actually get her phone number. And on rare occasion, you'd even see a guy leave the bar with Sexy 7.

Oddly enough, the guys who succeeded in getting Sexy 7 to give them the time of day weren't very different than the guys whom she blew off.

How do I know all this about Sexy 7 you ask.....EASY....I was the guy she
left the bar with::

See....I knew how to approach Sexy 7 and make her my BI*CH.


Ok guys...bottom line. Stop whining about 7Search not working OR wondering if 7Search works.

Guess what, if you've heard ANYTHING positive about Sexy 7, its because someone discovered how to make it work. And you can do it too.

Ask yourself this. How could 7Search have stayed in business since 1999 (I believe)...if they didn't provide solid results. I'll answer it for you...THEY COULDN'T.

7Search is a PPC Search Engine...thats the core of their business. Thats primarily how they make money. Heres the point...Advertisers wouldn't have continued to spend money advertising with 7search all these years IF SOMEBODY SOME FRIGGIN' WHERE WASN'T HAVING POSITIVE RESULTS.

So lets cut the bullsh*t, 7Search works. Maybe its your approach that doesn't!

Lets get to work.

Ok, everyday college radio stations receive boxes of records from major Record companies. In fact, in most cases, before a record even sees the light of day, they're first 'MARKET' tested via the college radio stations.

Its the record labels idea of 'Throw enough spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks'.

SEE....record companies decide what records to put REAL money behind by
using this scattershot approach with the college radio stations all in an effort to see.....




So what in the rats as$, does that have to do with 7search.

Simple....your ONLY (3) objectives with any advertising campaign you'll
ever put up online is to::

-Fail Fast
-Gain Data
-Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Look, the sexiest thing about the internet is the speed at which we can do this stuff.

Throwing up one or two campaigns at a time, ain't gonna cut-it. No way.

You need to take the same approach the record companies do when putting out new records.

You simply need to put enough out there, to see What BUBBLES To The Top.

Ok, so i've been reading alot about you guys putting up email/zip campaigns on 7Search and complaining about losing your money and why 7Search sucks.

NO, you suck....stop being Shaq at the Free throw line (well, back when he was playing).

Wanna know how to do this crap right the first the hell on then :|

1. DUHHH get signed up with 7Search silly. Fund your account immediately with at least $100 bucks. This will cause your brain to go into committment mode. In other words, you'll be less likely to PUNK OUT. Its important that you call or email 7Search and request that you be able to track subids PER CAMPAIGN. This is something that they'll have to add to your account manually...under My Account > Preferences.

2. Your Affiliate Manager is your friend (say it with me) ...My affiliate manager is my friend.

Call 'em up or email them and ask them one simple question...."Could you please email me the hottest converting email/zip campaigns that are performing well with PPC".

3. Take at least 5-7 of these HOT converting offers, preferably across varying verticals ( cards, ipad/iphone, travel, games, sports) etc... and paste them into a text file separated by category/vertical.

3a. CALM THE HELL're already sweating beads, feeling overwhelmed about how you're
gonna get all these campaigns going. RELAX. Keep it sexy

4. Hmmmmmmmmmm, we'll need a tool. We'll need a tool, hmmmmm. Ahh, got it... go here after reading...Looking For The #1 Affiliate Link Cloaker?. We'll use this simple tool to CLOAK our affiliate links and to ROTATE up to (3) similiar offers ie....

-Win an Purple iPad
-Win an iPad 2
-Win an iPad and a cute little kitten

Why put up (3) separate ppc ads for iPad offers, where we may have to bid a penny or two higher for EACH ad...when we can simply put up one ad and ROTATE the same three offers with only ONE per click rate.

We'll be able to get MORE mileage out of ONE ad while continuing to FAIL FAST by throwing enough spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks... OR rather... What Bubbles To The Top.

4a. Step 2 could look something like this::

-Tracking Link (for similiar links together, Purple iPad > link1 ,iPad 2 > link2, Win an iPad and Cute little kitten > link3

CLAP CLAP - Pay attention... using the CloaknRotate keyword tool...all grouped links would be consolidated into one tracking link, get the tool, it'll all make sense.

-PPC Ads (try to write at least (3) per category
-Keywords (go for at least 500+)

5. DAMMIT I said calm down....BREATHE...inhale, exhale ...WOOOooo SAHHHHHH

6. D-day,*t or get off the pot, now we roll. Log-into your 7Search account. We'll simply need to load one campaign at a time from step 2, and within maybe an hour or two (depends on you) we'll have enough ready-to-go out there so we can see what bubbles to the top. You say you're not ready; of course you're have your::

Categories, Ads, keywords, tracking link(s) or GROUPED tracking link

Note:: when creating each ad campaign you can use the offer as the campaign identifier ie..
-ipad 2
-ipad 2 - GROUPED (if grouped)

So yes, you're ready.........

Now, assuming you've verified that your account has been properly set-up with campaign subid tracking (from step 1)'ll need to ensure that EACH of your tracking link(s) include the necessary variables ie....

Example > < this is a variable that 7search provides Although there are additional variables...(ie...###AFFID###-###RID###) which can be used to identify the actual traffic source. For the sake of brevity i'm only touching on tracking the keyword variable. The over-arching principle is the same.

Why is this important? Simple.... remember Fail Fast - Gain Data

6a. Turn on Conversion Tracking in your account and ask your affiliate manager to place the tracking pixel for each INDIVIDUAL (yes, including the grouped ones) offer you'll be running.

7. Bid to the top position or at least position 3 for each ad ....this will give you wider distribution.

8. Double check your campaigns for accuracy.

** GO LIVE! AND WAIT. Don't touch. Don't you do it. I see you. You better not. Leave them ALONE!!!

You're in a VERY powerful position and you don't even know it.

Soon you'll begin to see trends emerge across your campaigns..... Its starting to bubble.

To speed this up...lets look out over the horizon at what could happen.

WOW....after only a few days, we now know that the free ipad w/ cute kitten offer performed the best of our grouped ipad offers. Which tells us that we can DUMP the other two losers and single out this one winner.

Awesome....., we also see that our free travel offer to Timbukto is hotter than we ever thought.

So out of (5) campaigns we found (2) winners. By failing fast we were able to establish useful DATA to make informed decisions with.

** Your fail is only EPIC if its not informed (via data)

You're soOOO EXCITED....I can't believe it....this stuff works. The Internet is not broke. YAAAYYY!!!

You log into your affiliate account(s) to track your earnings and sure enough you've earned commissions.

UHHHHHHH, only one problem, your offers' converted but you still lost money. How could this be?

Ok lets review....using the iPad campaign.

You bidded up each of your ads to the top 3 spots. For example, lets say, your ipad offer pays out $1.40 per submit. And lets say you paid .10 cents per click. And lets also say you generated a total of 3 conversions out of 120 clicks/visitors.

Lets break it down::

Total Clicks (120) x Click rate (.10) = Ad cost $12

Ad cost ($12) - income ($1.40x3 > $4.20) = $7.80 in the RED

Now lets establish some Metrics.....

Total Leads (3) / Total visitors (120) x 100 = roughly 2.5% Conversion Rate

Revenue ($4.20) / Visitors (120) = .04 cents... This is your visitor value. It tells you how much you can afford to bid. In this case you could only bid UP TO .04. Obviously you bidded .10 cents, which is why you lost money.

QUESTION IS....can we fix it? Of course. So lets rock.

Hey Sporty ..... Remember how the iPad offer was a grouped offer, and remember how we ditched the other two offers that weren't performing for us. Well guess what, by simply ditching those losers we've already boosted our numbers. How you ask.....its simple, now all of our traffic is focused on our WINNER. Basically we've made our first small OPTIMIZATION.

It gets even better....because the next time we run ONLY our WINNING ads, we've naturally optimized our campaigns for positive results by concentrating on the BUBBLES.

OK, it gets even MO' better. how you ask (AGAIN :\ ) SIMPLE......

Remember Step 1, where you were supposed to request 7Search set you up with campaign subid tracking and remember how we added the ###KEYWORD### onto our tracking url.

Well guess what....although we got 120 clicks....they all had to come from somewhere...and remember ....Sexy 7 hangs with some seedy, unsavory types at times.

Well, what we need to do is find out who those seedy,unsavory guys are and KILL'EM. This is the power that subid tracking will give you when used'll reveal the drug dealers, pimps and thieves.....

**KILL' EM....KILL'EM ALL ........

Lets see what happens when we're able to whack a bunch of those losers from our campaign.

Ok, continuing with the iPad example, lets say after killing the losers heres what the numbers reveal:
Total Clicks (70) x Click rate (.10) = Ad cost $7

Ad cost ($7) - income ($1.40x3 > $4.20) = $2.80 in the RED

** New Metrics.....

Total Leads (3) / Total visitors (70) x 100 = roughly 4.3% Conversion Rate >> by killing the losers we've actually raised our conversion rate

Revenue ($4.20) / Visitors (70) = .06 cents This is your visitor value. It tells you how much you can afford to bid. In this case you could only bid UP TO .06. Obviously you bidded .10 cents, which is why you lost money.
Ok, my fingers are tired and I think you get the idea.....This post is about showing you the process of DEVELOPING winning campaigns with 7Search. But, honestly the same strategies could be used at other PPCses as well.

Its all about optimizing for success (out of the gate)

-Failing Fast
-Gaining Data
-Optimizing (Separating the wheat from the chaff)

You optimize by keywords, you optimize by domains, you optimize by split-testing ad copy, you optimize by split-testing landing pages.

Winners aren't born. They're created.

Hope this post helps you guys.

You can do it. Believe in yourself. You can do it!!
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