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The Beauty in a Crap Conversion Rate

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Posted 3rd December 2013 at 01:56 PM by Shon Chris

Ok so lemme ask you a question.

Whats your favorite color? Is it blue or is it red, or is it purple or is it indigo....
Whats your favorite color?

Ok now...lets go slightly further with this.....

Whats your TYPE? Ya' know when someone says he/she IS or ISN'T my type.
Whats your type?

Ladies => Do you like short, chubby guys with thinning grey hair?
Guys => Do you like tall, leggy blondes with BIG...ok you get the idea

NOW....the question is WHY.

Why do you like purple or blue or indigo or whatever?

Why do you like short, bald & UGLY men?

Why do you like curvacious, exotic looking women?


Kinda hard question(s) to answer if you really think about it.

So what the hell does this have to do with 'Crappy Conversions'. heres the deal.

Lets say you created a new got the sales pages done and now you're all ready to go.

And for the sake of discussion lets say you drive some paid traffic to the sales page to get the wheels turning, so to speak.

You drive 1,000 units of traffic to the sales page and after its all said and evaluate the numbers and once the smoke clears you find that you were only able to garner a .3% (thats point 3) conversion rate.

Thats a measly...pitiful 3 sales out of 1,000 unique visitors to your sales page...that CONVERTED. Notice, we haven't mentioned anything about the dollar value of each of those conversions....we're only talking about the actual number of conversions.

For many of us, a .3% sales conversion would be horrible...a complete and utter failure of the highest magnitude (melodramatic) .

And theres where you'd be absolutely wrong. just the same way you can't explain why you may like a particular color or why you have a certain preference/type of man or woman ...its hard to explain why some people buy and some people don't buy.

Did they buy or didn't buy because of the background color of your sales page?

Did they buy or didn't buy because the headline did or didn't strick a chord with them?

Did they buy or didn't buy because of your 'Guarantee'?

See........the beauty is not in knowing WHY some bought and some didn't.

The beauty lies simply in the reality that SOME bought.

And as i've always believed and practiced....if you can get SOME to can get MORE to buy.

Yes, if you haven't already figured it out...alot of this has to do with psychology.

Why we do what we do and why some will and some won't.

A crappy conversion rate is sorta like the nerdy girl with plastic glasses, pigtails and kneesocks who nobody wants to ask to the school dance, only to discover that with a little make-up, pretty hairdo and a sexy dress...that same nerdy girl is drop-dead gorgeous.

Heres my point...a crappy conversion, in most cases, isn't some anomaly.

You simply need to spend the time testing & tweaking and testing & tweaking your sales page and/or process some more until you ultimately change your crappy .3% converting sales page into a beautifully gorgeous 2,3,4% plus converting sales page. time you launch a product out of the gates and run into a CRAP conversion rate...don't be dismayed. And don't consider it a worthless project.

On the contrary...get friggin' excited. Get SUPER AMPED.

Ultimately...the point is don't have to understand WHY you have such a crappy conversion rate ?

Your only concern is to focus on the fact that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, wants what the hell you've got to sell.

Now, build on that.

Testing,Tweaking & Optimizing will handle the WHY.

Thanks for reading.
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