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Newton's 2nd Law - For Product Creators

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Posted 18th March 2014 at 09:26 AM by Shon Chris

I'm by no way a philosopher....I just play one on TV

As I prepare for the upcoming launch of my new product (SubscriberBlaze)...i'm really having to get my mind super focused on ALL the steps & processes that i'll be taking over the next month to make the launch a raging success.

In preparing my mindset for whats about to take place, I felt the need to reflect upon one of the greatest minds in history.

Sir Isaac Newton

Newtons' Second Law of Motion states that "the time rate of change of momentum is equal to the force acting on the particle."

See.... one thing about being a "product creator" that we all deal with is the stress of

-Time Management
-Problem Solving
-Idea Flow

And a host of other things.

My point is, by the time we prepare to put our pedal to the metal....when its time to see if this horse really talks...meaning, when its time to offically release(launch) our product to the marketplace, we've lost ALOT of steam simply due to all the preliminary stuff that we have to deal with as product creators.

Put another way ....we lose MOMENTUM. heres how I, ME, Shon Chris...interprets Newtons' 2nd Law....and remember I never purported to be a philosoper in any way shape or form

In Newton's statement he refers to "the time rate of change of momentum".....I believe hes referring to speed or how fast.

The rest states... "is equal to the force acting on the particle".....I interpret this to mean one thing APPLIED EFFORT.

In other words...we need to do whats absolutely necessary to reinvigorate ourselves with ENERGY so that we can Apply the Effort (force on the particle) in such a way that our product launches become a raging locomotive (time rate of change) to the point that we're propelled into MASSIVE LEVELS of SUCCESS.

So lets not lose our Momentum. Its the very element that could mean the difference in your products being lackluster or topping sales charts.

Thanks for reading,

Shon Chris

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