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Branding – Marketing Fluff?

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Posted 11th November 2013 at 11:39 AM by sidneyng


Face it – some marketers think that branding is fluff, others think that it ensures that your product has an identity.

With so many buzz words – is it just fluff?
Love it or loathe it – I personally think that a brand identity is vital but it is not all that. Its just a piece of a puzzle in delivering great marketing and product delivery.

I believe everyone buys in more than just the product itself. I believe there are different segment of customers.

And if you knew me long enough – I am a firm believer that once you just market based on price – then you are targeting the wrong demographic of customers or you need to improve on your product to make it “worth the while” to produce.

Aspire to be the Apple of your industry.

They look at being the creme de la creme of their industry without worrying about people who can’t afford. Simply because they deliver on value (or perceived value).

Here are some notes I took from a Branding workshop I attended earlier this year.

It covers a few other key areas which is relevant for both online and offline marketing professionals / entrepreneurs. I don’t necessarily agree with all the points provided – but will just place them here to digitize them.

I just wanted to digitize these notes before throwing away the original notes.
This will definitely add value to any entrepreneurs or product owners looking to brand themselves. Enjoy!

1. You are only as successful as your relationships around you.

2. First to market is going to be extremely important. You must take action.

3. There is always an audience for you.

4. If you want to be with the best people in the world, be their best customers.

5. Your mistakes in life are your most valuable asset.

6. Business is about helping people.

7. Give until your customers think you are crazy. Focus on customer’s results.

8. Your first training / workshop will likely be with friends and family.

9. People don’t buy information – they buy into systems.

10. Have a clear goal for what you want to achieve in 1 year and 3 years. Eg. 1 year – 6 figures, 3 years – 7 figures

11. A global brand is built on results.

12. You head into your future. We live from our future. What is your future?

13. Be a social entrepreneur.

14. People will bring you to share your message
Inspire and serve others and you will get there.

15. The most successful people in the world are excited to engage and help people.

16. Everything that happens in business that is valuable happens with people.

17. It takes about 6-8 months for a new brand to take place.

18. You can have excuses / reasons or you can have results.

19. Video is how people want to interact with you.

20. Stage time = Wealth time

21. Money is a byproduct of serving people.

3 Positions that Make Least Money:
- Idea
- Manager
- Doer

22. Brand – Relationship with customer
- Producers / Services

23. If you want to make $ globally – you must think globally.

24. When you try to serve everybody – you serve nobody => Being clear who to work with

3 Positions that Makes Most Money:
- Owner
- Leader – innovative and learding the rest
- Closer

25. Experts are experts because they say so.

26. Fastest growing business – information business.

27. Stop being a perfectionist – become a “progression”-ist

28. Being smart and being good at what I do DOES NOT equal success.

29. Personal branding is how we are designing
- Your story of your life is your biggest asset.
Its not about the stuff that we are selling – its about the story.
Personal Branding
- Associate you with a trend
- Attracts right people and right opportunity
Positioning – Public speaking vs Profit speaking
Packaging – Putting it together
Clear – Who to serve? What is your message?

30. Do not confuse exposure with making money
Do not confuse movement with achievement

31. To make money = put your path to money

6 Domains of Industry Rockstars:
- Leaders
- Seminar Leader
- Consultant
- Coach
- Author
- Internet Marketer
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