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Our five best dating secrets for men

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Posted 24th September 2010 at 04:53 AM by soffell

While you might think that everyone else on the planet enjoys a spectacular dating life – no dateless weekends – and a flurry of women begging for these other men's favors and attention, it's really not true. Don't believe everything you hear from other men. They may just be bragging and trying to cover their own insecurities!

Many men tend to botch their chances with the ladies through a number of moves, along with a forced persona – something picked up from a fixation and admiration of Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, or Johnny Depp. Let's face it. Hollywood does not usually parallel reality.

Here we provide you men with the five best dating secrets for men, written for the ordinary guy, living in reality. These dating secrets should boost your dating success rate exponentially, so listen up.

1.Your first assignment in our mini-course, 'Best Dating Secrets for Men'? If you haven't already read, 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', pick up a copy and do so now. You'll find gems of truth with respect to the innate emotional differences between men and women, some of which will be true epiphanies. You'll learn that men and women often respond entirely differently to the same situation, concept or emotion. What you might find hilarious, your girl might feel scandalized, or think you insensitive. This book is an easy read and provides humorous insights that will help get you in sync with women's way of thinking. With this new found understanding, you'll be miles ahead of men who lack this essential information.

2.If you were brought up in a household of loud boys, or just tend to be that way, try to refine the loud, boisterous, macho persona. This persona doesn't play well with most women. Practice toning down the volume and replace it with a more soft-spoken you. Women usually find the soft-spoken man irresistible and conversely tend to equate 'loud' with 'pushy', 'bossy' and 'insensitive'. These are not perceptions you want to promote! Practice talking in front of the mirror, or record your normal conversation. You'll soon get it down. As for diction and demeanor, here's a good place to emulate some of those slick Hollywood guys mentioned above.

3.Be a good listener. This is one of the quintessential dating secrets for men. Try to show genuine interest in what she has to say. You don't need to be the center of attention. To women, there's hardly a more boring date than one where the guy holds forth on everything him, even to the point of cutting the woman off in mid-sentence to continue his me-fest.

4.Don't indulge in non-constructive criticism. It's a definite turn off to a woman. Let's say you don't care for her dress and feel it's your duty to point this out. Don't do it! She obviously went to a lot of trouble to look nice for your date. This type of faux paus belongs in the 'Dating Secrets for Men – not!' category.

5.Though it may sound simplistic, one of the key dating secrets for men is: be genuine. Don't express opinions you don't subscribe to – she'll see through the inauthenticity rather quickly and you'll be scratched off her date list in a single evening.

Do your reading assignment and implement the other four of our dating secrets for men. You'll soon have more dates than you can fit in to your busy schedule! As the last word, have a good sense of humor. Women will adore you!
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