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Free MLM Leads

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Posted 29th October 2011 at 08:41 PM by spendlessearnmore

The simplest and quickest way to create free MLM leads is with the use of traffic exchanges (TEs), and an autoresponder. If you believe TEs are a waste of time because the only people who use them are trying to sell, rather than buy, you just don't know how to properly utilize them.

TEs can not be beat when it comes to letting a newcomer do something right away to start generating free MLM leads, possibly within minutes from when they joined a program. They are websites where marketers go and view the pages of other marketers, in an effort to get the other marketers to view their page. The more offer pages you look at, the more you get to show yours. Few people go their expressly looking for something to join, although there are some who do.

More importantly, exchanges are packed with newbies, and newbies are notorious for being impatient. When they do not get immediate sales, they tend to program hop. So why shouldn't they hop right into your downline? Your goal will be to rid them of that hopping tendency.

The people who hate TEs the most are those who spent a lot of time in them and have nothing to show for it, because nobody ever taught them the right way to go about it. They might have used a sales page, rather than a lead capture page (squeeze page). Or they had a squeeze page, but it was too long, so they didn't get any free MLM leads.

You will never sell a thing in a TE, but if you give a short intriguing offer, like for a free report, ebook, audio or video that helps the surfer solve a problem, you will get free leads. But, you must put the form to capture a name and email address at the top of the page, so they do not have to scroll to see it, if you want to generate MLM leads.

While a surfer in a TE, on a mission to build traffic credits, will not likely stop to read long pages, they sure as heck will give you their name & email if you make them an offer that intrigues them sufficiently. Then you will have ample opportunity in your email follow up campaign to go about selling them on the reasons to join your program.

It is free to use TEs but there is no way around the cost of an autoresponder. If you insist, you can do without a website and host, if your autoresponder service provides you with hosted squeeze page templates to choose from. Then you will just type in your text. However, that is going to limit your free gift to something you can include as text in your emails. For instance, you can't give them an ebook download link, but you could break down an ebook into ten emails and call it a 10 part course.

You can get more MLM email leads if you have your own website/web host. Instead of $20 a month for just the autoresponder, it will be about $30 a month, altogether. The extra $10 will bring you a lot more free MLM leads and will signal to the world that you are to be taken seriously.
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