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How Should You Use Forums To Promote Your Business?

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Posted 26th September 2012 at 07:56 PM by Steven Cavan

Have you ever sat down at your computer in your home office planning on putting a bunch of good content out all over the internet and forgot what or how you were going to do such a thing?

Well, I must say this happens to me all the time. Sometimes I even feel like a newcomer out here in this border-less land of the internet working hard to build and solid team of people who all promote great services to those in need.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what it is that I have been struggling with a bit. We all tend to do this when writing bogs, posting comments to blogs or forums. Even when we are ready to to start that new thread on a very large and popular forum. Just about all forums will shut your account down if you dare even sound like you are pitching a deal or soliciting in any way. So how can we as professional marketers get around this to promote our business?

We all need customers......am I right?

Here is my solution. Many expert marketers will tell you to just engage with people and leave the product and your business out of the equation. I believe this to be true and you can test it in every post or blog you write. Talk as if you are sitting next to someone on a plane. Let the words just spill out of your head staying engaged with the main topic. When we start to do this, people become interested in who you are as a person and not the guy who keeps posting that Xango link everywhere trying really hard to get someone to buy the product. This folks, just does not work!

Here is a special tip that I have picked up on. If you are on a forum, and you can't think of any good post to add to a thread that has to do with that particular topic.....GET OFF THAT THREAD! There is no reason to be pretending to know something there. After all, you build yourself a reputation as either a professional or a potential drive-by spammer. I have been closely testing this method. It seems as though more people will be responsive to posts and blogs for which they can relate to. This blog post here has the ability to keep people reading....

Are you still with me? See...you are!

So, moving onward. I find Forums to be a challenging yet very rewarding place to find new business partners and customers. All depends on the mindset. When we engage as true people then others will be more responsive to what we are saying.

I certainly admit to planting numerous amounts of spam ads pitching my business to thousands of sites over the past 6 years. You want to know what the results were from doing so? ZERO BUSINESS.

Now as I move forward, all my posts will be genuine as should everyone else's. However, people are people and some will learn this the hard way. My experience tell me to do the opposite of what my mind thinks I should do. Can anyone relate here?

This is my challenge and experiment....Let it start now!
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