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Make Amazing Video Intros for FREE

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Posted 21st February 2015 at 05:18 PM by Steven Roberts

Stop buying video intros from Fiverr! There's an easier, free way to get the job done:


You don't need to keep spending money on this stuff - do it yourself and have full control.

I'll show you how you to create unlimited amazing intro videos that will cost you absolutely nothing and that you can tune and tweak again and again.

If you're marketing online you NEED to know about these tools.

And that's not all! In this gig you will learn:

  • Where to create intro videos easily
  • How to edit them online with free tools
  • How to create professional logos for your videos, again, all completely free
  • How to create really sophisticated animated videos easily using FREE online resources. Once you've used these you'll be hooked
  • Plus lots of other tips and hints

This is a goldmine of free tools and resources that I use regularly.

(And if you're looking for ideas of things to sell on Fiverr, then maybe this could be the answer..)

Another addition to the Fivedollar University Lecture Notes series!
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