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Posted 29th June 2012 at 02:39 AM by SteveSRS

Ok so I just became a Warrior Room member and I figured lets start out with a blog post.

In this post I would like to introduce myself and what I do and have done.

My name is Steven and I was born in The Netherlands in 84. I started taking an interest in computer pretty early and because my mom works with computer we always have had computer in the house. I remember making websites and doing some 'fun hacking' in the time of the 56k modems.

I started out with hacking and a couple years later moved on to making websites. In the early years I thought about starting a 'web design company'. However it is probably a good thing I never did this as my design skills aren't that good. I know how to use all graphic software (from Photoshop, flash up to 3D max) however I just don't have that design gen.

Ok moving on a little faster, during my high school years I started out with 'unlocking mobile phones'. I figured out how to do it and unlocking one mobile phone took like 5 seconds and got me 15 Dutch guilders and I figured that was a pretty good deal (I was 14 or 15 at the time). We hacked existing products did reselling and some creation of our own (me and a friend also from NL) and I ran a successful website with a web shop selling products and shipping them all over the world (damn I still hate dealing with post companies what a pain in the *ss they are!).

After doing this a few years something new came along which was called 'Remote unlocking' which allowed shops to login to a server and just with a cable (instead of a hardware box which needed to be shipped and produced in China) sim unlock a phone. The first remote unlock solution existing world wide was for Ericsson, later SonyEricsson. I figured it was stupid to only offer this to unlock shops and created a instant selling system (based on Paypal with IPN) to sell to end-users using the unlock system of a friend called DavinciTeam. At the time and for my age, now being 17 years old, I was making VERY good money (me about 10k per month and my friend was even making much much more as he owned the system about 30k per month).

I owned the very first website in this particular niche with this idea (instant sim unlock for end-users at home). In the years following many websites copied my idea (which unfortunately I did not act upon to help them and monetize this further as protecting the idea was impossible).

Skipping forward a couple years; I now own various websites still in this same field and I'm still pretty successful with it. I finished my Master in Information Technology with eServices as minor (with eBranding + some marketing master courses) in Australia and I've lived in The Netherlands, Australia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I've seen almost all countries in Europe, Australia + NZ + some islands there and pretty much all countries in South America.

I speak 3 languages fluently which are Dutch, English and Spanish and soon I'll be moving to the USA for a couple years with my Peruvian girlfriend for her to do her specialization in cosmetic dentistry.

I'm a newbie on the forum but certainly not online, not in money making online but yes in affiliate marketing

A couple of my most important websites are:
Samsung unlock by cable | Samsung unlock by codes - Simlock Remote Server , 'Think, Save $, Unlock'
Sim Unlock your mobile device @ Home

However I have plenty more.

With affiliate marketing I hope to expand my business (and also move away from the sim unlocking because I don't see a very long time future there). A logical step is of course Mobile Marketing and creating apps (which I've started with already, slowly but surely).

I'm also developing some affiliate marketing website and products for which I have big hopes and about which I will, of course, be writing about in coming blog posts.

Last note to close off; I'm always looking to work with talented programmers (be it php+ajax or Java or C#) and talented designers. In fact I'm currently looking for a REAL user interface designer expert (not just trained, I'm trained in this, but a REAL expert) and a experienced PHP (php oop!) + ajax expert.

If you are any of that feel free to contact me!
Until next time!

Abrazo! (Spanish for a warm goodbye; literately a hug)

P.s. forgive me if sometimes the construction of my sentences are a bit weird. I've been only speaking Spanish for a while now and sometimes mixing up things and on top of that never been a very good writer
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