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Internet Marketing in Latin America

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Posted 19th September 2012 at 01:19 PM by SteveSRS

From the very start I joined this forum I was planning to start doing Internet Marketing on the (Spanish) Latin American market.

Why Latin America?
  • It is a fairly untapped market with huge potential
  • The biggest growing demographic online in the world
  • I speak Spanish (that is why I specified 'Spanish Latin American marker'). There is of course also Brazil which is a huge market on its own which I'm definitely interested in, however I think it is better to start with the Spanish market and then target the Brazilian market as secondary objective in my situation.
  • Many of the countries are where 'we' (Europe / USA) were in late 90ties
  • I live in Peru and loving it
The first thing I did to 'conquer' this market was buying some PLR eBook products which I toughed had potential and had them translated from English to Spanish.

One of these was a eBook on 'how to catch cheaters' (Como atrapar a un infiel). Something that I believe happens more often here in Latin America then anywhere else (I blame it on the enormous amount of passion the people have and their beauty).

I set up a nice looking squeeze page and offered the product for under 10 USD via Paypal and via TrialPay (offering it for 'free').

How much sales I've had since then (about 3 months ago)?

Yes I kinda underestimated the difficulty on selling stuff online in this market.

Without any real SEO effort I currently have #7 spot in Google with one important keyword. However many other keywords don't show up at all and I'm not sure where to start to get them ranked...

There are a lot less opportunities to do SEO for Latin America. Not many article directories (that actually work) and not many targeted back link opportunities in general.

The only really good opportunity is see so far for back-linking and promotion is the 'social' one which is pretty huge but again needs a different approach then with 'Western World' tactics. I'm still working on figuring this out!
(I actually am working on 2nd possible opportunity also but won't get into just yet)

A few of the biggest issues of doing business online in Latin America I ran into:
  1. Online payment options (accepting online payments)
  2. Reaching your target audience effectively
  3. Lack of consumer trust for purchasing online
  4. In case of physical products selling; lack of trustable shipping options
  5. Huge economical differences between the different countries and even within the countries
And perhaps I'm still missing some point here but I think those are the most important ones.

Well as you see I'm still figuring out a lot and I by now realized that these problems are pretty serious and can't pretend to find the answers all alone so I started a MasterMind thread here on WF to get some people together and discuss the difficulties.

Based on that thread..
We've opened a Facebook group! So if you are interrested in doing IM for the Latin American market search us out on Facebook:
'Internet Marketing Latin America (IMLA)'
or our WF thread:

Bye for now!
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