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The secret behind good Product creation

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Posted 7th July 2013 at 04:26 PM by SteveSRS

So I've been buying several WSO's and have seen many topics about product creation.

There are many people wanting to create and of course launch a successful product after all there is a lot of money to be made by creating your own products.

The sad fact however is that a lot of new products fail or just don't get any traction. There can be a lot of reason for this but a common critical error I've noticed a lot talking to new product creators is the lack of proper documentation and planning.

so today I wanted to tell you about the 'Project Document' (or Product document). This document should be a living document and can and should be edited a long the way. This document is -the- most important document of your new to be product. It defines the concept, the scopes, your target group, features, benefits and more.

When I'm creating products I enforce a rule that ALL project members (programmers, designers etc) read this document at least once a month and re-read the whole document every time it is updated.

As a team management tool I use Asana (just google it, its free) and just rename the .doc with a new version number every time it changes and upload it to Asana so everybody can download the file and gets notified of the new upload.

So how does my Project Document look like?

Here is a index of a currently running big project I'm doing:

Project Information.. 2
--Product Concept / Idea. 2
--Purpose. 4
----Scope. 4
--Project Goals. 4
--Intended Audience (target group). 4
--Product Features. 5
--Product Benefits. 5
--Pricing Strategy. 5
. 5
Development Team... 5
--Project Manager. 5
--Team members and profiles. 5
Product Development5
--Coding. 5
----Development Method.. 5
----Security Aspects. 5
----Functional Design.. 5
--Design.. 5
----Design vision.. 5
----Usability Notes. 6
Promotion / traffic Strategies. 6
--Online Promotion.. 6
--Offline Promotion.. 6
Definitions. 6

Do you always need everything? No you don't. It is import with such documents that you only use what is useful for you. Too much text / content will slow down your project. Keep it simple and short but don't leave anything out.

I hope this post helps you towards your next product!
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