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Don't Let Your Domains Expire!

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Posted 17th June 2010 at 10:18 PM by Stuart Stirling

If you've got sites that are a little old and you're not doing anything with anymore, you might think about letting the domain die out.. save $10, right?

Bad move!.. if...

If your site is developed, got page rank, backlinks, getting traffic and making you money even though you haven't touched the site in over 6 months, you'd have to be crazy to let the domain expire.

Renewing your domain name will be the cheapest traffic you've ever paid for!

I find it very strange that some people will let a traffic getting domain expire but still go out and spend hundreds of dollars on advertising, spend hours getting backlinks and what-not for other sites they own.

Even if you don't want to keep the site as it is.. maybe your product or you've closed your affiliate account for the product you were promoting at site, you can always redirect it to another one of your sites.

In case you're wondering, the best way to redirect your old domain to another and still preserve your PR and search engine SERPS is to use a 301 permanent redirect. It is not actually permanent so you can change it later if you decide. But search engines look and see that the site has moved so it carries over all the good SEO stuff to the new domain.

So when you get a notice from godaddy or whoever telling you to renew your domain, if it's a domain that is making you more than $10 a year, I recommend you do it! Otherwise, someone else could snap it up from under you and profit from the traffic instead.

When I created my new blog on a new domain, this is one thing I was confronted with. I still had my old blog of 3 years so I would be silly to have let the domain expire. It gets a ton of traffic and monetizes it by just sitting there - I don't touch it at all!

Remember to renew your domains!! It's the easiest way to keep your traffic up!

And if you insist on letting your old domains expire, which is still getting traffic, tell me and I'll buy it off you!

Best regards,
Stuart Stirling
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    wordwizard's Avatar
    That's great advice! Thanks so much.

    Now what about domains that I haven't gotten around to using yet???

    Posted 1st July 2010 at 09:48 AM by wordwizard wordwizard is offline

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