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The #1 Secret Traffic Method That Got Me 304 Views in 3 Days!

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Posted 2nd November 2016 at 05:21 PM by sunilmuse

Traffic is the holy grail of internet marketing because If you can not get traffic to your webpages and offers, then your business is dead. You will not get any optins, let alone sales.

However, your traffic needs to be targeted and suited to your offers, otherwise it's pointless. Secondly, you also need a sales funnel ie, a process to take your traffic and convert it into leads and sales.

So unless you have targeted traffic AND a system to convert it, then your traffic will be no good to you.

Let's assume that you have a personally branded, high converting sales funnel in place. Your job now is to get the most targeted traffic onto your email list on a consistent basis so that you can continue to convert it into sales.

So what is the problem in getting traffic?

I see 3 common mistakes with traffic and lead generation.

1. Getting overwhelmed with all the traffic options out there.

There are so many traffic courses now on Solo Ads, PPC, PPV, FB Ads, Bing Ads, Blogging Guest Posting, SEO, Youtube marketing, Banner Ads....and as for Article Marketing, well very few people seem to know how to go about it anymore since the demise of Ezine Articles.

After looking at all the options, many tend to go with FB Ads due to all the publicity about it, or even with Bing Ads PPC due to it's lower cost than Google Adwords. This is fine but if you don't know how to go about it, then it can feel overwhelming.

I personally tried Bing, got some good leads and sales but the traffic volumes were quite low for the highly targeted search terms I was bidding on. Then when I started bidding on the more competetive terms in my market, my lead cost shot up and I wasn't getting a good ROI.

The lesson here is to stick to one form of marketing and MASTER it ie learn to get 10 leads a day with it and then scale it up if it is getting you sales. Then you can move onto another traffic source whilst keeping the original source

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2. Buying traffic packages that aren't targeted to your list or offer.

This applies to many Solo Ads packages out there. There are 2 main problems with it.

a) The offer you are promoting is so saturated in the marketplace because so many other people are promoting it. This makes any list more weary of it. Think back to Empower Network. They got banned from FB because of all their spam offers.

b) The list you are promoting your offer to is untargeted or outdated so you get few leads or sales.

These problems can be remedied with a good Solo Ad provider who has a list that is suitable to your offer AND if you are promoting a great product that really helps your market solve their problems through your own personal branding.

3. Giving Up when a traffic and lead generation source doesn't work out.

This is the main reason why most people fail online.

They get excited, jump right in and eagerly set up their traffic system expecting to hit the jackpot.

The problem is most traffic sources come with trial and error and things that you just can't predict before you get started.

So when the clicks are too expensive or they're not pulling in the leads, let alone sales, people tend to get frustrated and give up.

This was certainly the case with me as I jumped from one thing to another like a blue assed fly, always too restless and jittery and never staying still enough to focus on one thing at a time.

So I gave up A LOT through frustration. This stop and start cyle was really hurting me and I wasn't making any money so I decided it was time to start from basics again and build it up from a stronger foundation of focus, consistency and the RIGHT marketing knowledge.

I will show you HOW to do this too so that you have a grreat custom sales funnel, good consistent streams of Targeted Traffic and a great offer that makes you BIG commissions on the backend.

This is available for anyone who gets my free traffic report below and then joins my email newsletter where I share all this invaluable information with you.

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