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Are You Just A Marketing Clone Or A Unique Person Offering Wisdom?

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Posted 17th November 2016 at 11:24 AM by sunilmuse

I find that people often just follow everyone else online, whether it's on social media or with their online business.

When people try and start their online business, they normally join a marketing system and use that system's templates, pages and email followups.

This makes you a CLONE of everyone else and there is no way of standing out from the crowds.

How do you expect to make any sales this way?

No one will get to know the real you so you can't build realtionships that you need to be successful.

So how do you stand out from the crowds?

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It starts by

1. Building your own personal branding

As explained, this is an important step to stand out from the crowds who just use generic marketing templates.

Personal branding will allow you to immediately become more memorable in the minds of your readers and this will help build trust and rapport.

Making sales then becomes MUCH EASIERespecially when you are providing real VALUE ie giving solutions to their problems.

A good way to personally brand yourself would be to introduce yourself in a Thank You page after people optin to your list. This thank you page should have a photo of you and a brief introduction of how you can help your readers.

When you buy any products or services that I recommend, I will personally show you how to build your own lead pages, pre-sell pages and email follow ups that convert your leads into sales

2. Provide Unique Angles In Your Marketing.

This ties in with building your own personal brand and further helps you to stand out in the minds of your audience.

As an example, when people write content, they tend to focus on marketing principles and techniques. That is important but you need to be speaking from your own personal experience, not rehash ideas from some "guru"

Also, instead of JUST talking about marketing principles, take a look at well known marketers pages on Facebook. I have noticed that the posts that get the most engagement and likes are the inspirational quotes and how they apply to a building a successful online business.

Take the themes of these quotes and write articles or followup emails around it...as I am doing in this article.

As for your email marketing, also think about unique angles that will make you stand out and get people to open your emails.

Here are some examples:

Challenging common ideas or conventions

e.g The work hard myth - how people are conditioned to believe that you have to work hard to make money. This is not true, you just have to work smart

The Analogy

e.g A jigsaw puzzle is a good analogy for your online business. At first it appears to be a confusing jumble of pieces. But when you start noticing patterns, you can put the pieces together. Same applies to your online business

Other examples include,

- Question/answer emails
- Problem/solution emails
- Personal online experience emails
- News Event emails

Ultimately, all these emails lead back to your sales links. You are not just here to be entertaining.

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