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The 3 Steps To Make Passive Streams Of Income Online

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Posted 24th November 2016 at 11:01 AM by sunilmuse

My parents have always worked hard their entire lives. They run shops and do no less than 12 hours a day, running around and stressing out.

Why? To pay their bills.

The myth that they bought into is a common cultural belief:

You have to work hard to make money or "nothing comes easy"

Bullshit! (no disprespect to my parents, I love them dearly)

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The work hard cultural belief is very widespread and common in our society. So much so that people don't know any different.

So, they remain stuck and trapped in their mundane 9 to 5 existence and put on a mask to hide their quiet desperation.

This is the robotic life that your corporate masters want from you.

They want you to be a subservient unit of production to oil their money machine and pay you a pittance in return.

This is modern day slavery yet most people defend it by saying they have no choice or that they love their job....

But even if you do love your job, first you're in the minority and secondly, you have little or no time for anything else.

People either have time freedom or they have financial freedom, rarely if ever both!

So whilst my parents do well in their shop financially, they have no time for anything else because their lives are consumed by work!

Ideally, you want money to work for YOU rather than you working SO hard for money!

This would free up your time and allow you to enjoy the money that you earn.

What's the secret to achieving this?

It's called Passive Streams of Income.

This is achievable online because you can automate almost all of your traffic and sales process which means you can work from your laptop anywhere in the world.

It will still make money for you!

What would this give you?

The freedom to do what you LOVE to do, whether that's travelling, being with your family more and providing for them, helping others in need, recording a music album (like me) or having a good social life.

The choice is yours then but it has to start with knowing how to create passive streams of income so that money is working for YOU, rather than you slaving so hard to work for money.

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