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Don't Follow Your Passion - Do THIS Instead! How Steve Jobs Founded Apple

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Posted 9th December 2016 at 05:20 PM by sunilmuse

This may be the MOST unusual career or online marketing advice you'll ever hear:

Don't follow your passion.

What?? Are you crazy?!

No, and I'll explain why in a second.

First, let me ask you a question or 2.

Did following your passion ever make you successful? Or...did the passion come later in your career when you became good at it?

Think about that one and really ponder on it.

And how about the practical application of this advice that we hear all the time,

"Follow Your Passion"?

Let's have a look at this. What are your passions?

Music? Partying? Eating? Cooking? Art? Yoga /meditation? Acting? Sport? Video gaming? Bird Watching? Train Spotting? Walks in nature? You get the idea.

Now, how many people do you ACTUALLY know who make a real living from these passions?

Probably not many, if any, right? Unless of course, they're rich and famous in which case you probably don't know them

Following Your Passion is Bad Advice - When You Learn THIS Instead You Can Earn Big $1,250 Commissions!

So by telling someone to follow their passion as career advice, firstly, it limits their options and, secondly, the job will never match their dream expectation so they become disappointed or self doubting and give up.

How Did Steve Jobs Start Apple?

Before Steve Jobs founded Apple, he had NO interest in technology or entrepreneurship.

His passion was to find himself through spirituality so he went to an Ashram in India for a few months. When he went back to the US in 1974, his pal and soon to be business tech partner of Apple, Steve Wozniak, called him up for a small scale project .

It was going well until Jobs got restless and left in the Autumn of 1975 for the All One Spiritual commune. These are hardly the actions of someone who is passionate about electronics and technology! In fact, he preferred his spiritual quest.

When Jobs returned later that year, he noticed that the local hobbyists where going crazy about model kit computers they could assemble at home.

Jobs pitched Wozniak (the technical one) to make the circuit board. The plan was to make 100 of these and make a tidy profit. Neither left their regular jobs, it was purely intended as a low risk, small scale venture, not their passion.

Here's Where It Gets Interesting...

Then it turns into legend. Steve Jobs walks in barefoot to Paul Terrell's Mountain View computer store and offers him the circuit boards. But Terrell didn't just want the circuit boards so he said he'd pay him for fully assembled computers instead.

He offered to pay $500 for each computer and wanted 50 of them as soon as possible! Jobs and Wozniak jumped at the opportunity and soon Apple computers was born! The rest is history!

What does that tell us about the advice to "follow your passion"?

If Steve Jobs had taken the advice "Follow Your Passion" he would have continued with spirituality and Zen NOT technology and business...and it might have been a very different story. He may have become a popular teacher at the Los Altos Zen Center.

In fact, Jobs only joined up with Wozniak to make a "quick buck" not to become visionary entrepreneurs. It was only through a series of random chances and lucky breaks that he saw an opportunity and got rewarded for it.

Once he saw the market demand, he worked hard towards fulfilling it and he got paid for it. THAT was when his passion for what he did developed, not before.

That gives us some very important lessons on what we need to be focusing on instead.

Following Your Passion Is Bad Advice. When You Learn THIS Instead You Can Earn Big $1,250 Commissions!
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