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Google Sniper 3.0 Review. Is It Any Good?

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Posted 14th December 2016 at 10:56 AM by sunilmuse

I bought Google Sniper a while ago. I will give you an honest Google Sniper 3.0 Review and tell you whether it's worth buying or not based on my experience.

Firstly, What Is Google Sniper 3.0?

This is a well known online SEO marketing course by George Brown. It consists of 7 video modules, and a course manual

Google Sniper teaches you how to find good products to promote and low competition keywords to promote them by building niche sites centred around that keyword.

Unlike many courses out there, it shows you the actual criteria to find low competition keywords which can help you to rank in Google for those terms.

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Knowing the actual criteria is really important if you want to have a good chance of ranking in Google. Otherwise, it's often left chance and people just hope for the best, not really knowing what they're doing.

This course leaves nothing to chance as you use 2 key "sniff tests" to estimate whether you have a good chance of ranking.

Only then do you proceed to make quick niche sites and see the feedback. Plus there are other methods he teaches of improving the ranking ability of these sites.

But doesn't Google discourage niche sites?

Yes and Google gives preference to authoirity sites over niche sites. This is why Google Sniper 3.0 shows you how to bulletproof your site and make it more like an authority site where you rank for other keywords in addition to your main keyword for the site.

He uses some great SEO techniques to really boost your rankings once you have done the correct research using his criteria, and found good keywords and products to promote.

Google Sniper 3.0 Review Summary.

Overall, Google Sniper is a great course and it gives you some cutting edge information on how to research for keywords and products so that you get good rankings in Google.

However, as with anything online, there is no magic bullet.

You have to do the WORK and put in the effort to find the right products and keywords and build your sites.

But really, this should be fun because you are developing your skills, learning and making money from it at the same time.

The one drawback to the course is that it stays focused on Clickbank products.

They are ok to get started but, really, you need to promote products that give you a much bigger return through their Top Tier programs.

Then instead of making meagre $50 commissions, you can start making bigger $1,250 commissions instead.

The best part is that this company does all the bigger upsells for you.

So if you are starting to drive traffic through the principles of Google Sniper then you may as well use that opportunity to make much more money through high end upsells.

Then you are maximising the value of your traffic and increasing your earning potential.

I know which one I prefer. Do you?

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