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WordPress and the GPL - Open Source and Derivative Works

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Posted 3rd May 2013 at 08:46 AM by SunilTanna

WordPress, being the most popular blogging software, is a regular discussion topic on the Warrior Forum.

One of issues about WordPress is the software is released under the GPL, but third parties have released various paid-for add-ons (like themes and plug-ins) under a GPL-incompatible license.

See e.g.

Are these add-ons violating the GPL?

Does that mean you can treat these add-ons as GPLed even though they haven't been?

And how, more generally does the GPL and other open source licenses affect the development of "derivative works".

Here is some articles (and a video) that you might find useful:

WordPress and the GPL - Do Themes and Plug-Ins need to be licensed under the GPL?

GPL Violations

Open Source and Derivative Works - Combined Programs, Viral Licenses, the BSD License, GPL and LGPL (video)
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