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How to Profit From Your Critics

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Posted 28th March 2013 at 11:40 AM by SusanHarrison

Do you hate those people who give you two stars on amazon or leave the only bad feedback on a otherwise perfect eBay feedback score even though you were a perfectly good ebayer? Do you feel they may be holding your business back with their wicked ways?

Did you know these people are actually doing you a huge favour?

There will always be trolls ,people who are so angry with life they feel the need to spread bad feelings to others after all *misery loves company ,they are a fact of life and even they can help your business in their own way (bet they love that)*
There are the other people who give your product a real chance ,find it lacking and give you a full critical breakdown and two stars on amazon or your site leaving you to go lick your wounds or*

Listen to the people who trusted you enough to part with their money in the first place.

The people who are making you wonder what you have done to deserve such a attack on your work are actually your customers ,they trusted you enough to part with their money because they thought you could help them solve a problem .
*They paid got your product or service and found it as with so many others before it not what they were promised after all before you know it the trust is gone and worse they feel cheated this unsurprisingly does nothing for your word of mouth sales.

The good news is you have not lost them just yet .
When you get that reply in the first instance issue the customer*
with a offer to refund their *money or have a refund *system in place and offer a feedback sheet .
*The *crucial part of coming back from a less than successful product launch is to use the feedback to improve your product, you now know exactly what your target market is looking for and you now have the power to give it to them .
*Try offering the new and improved copy to the people who left you the feedback for free and ask for feedback.

And Finally

Dealing with the trolls
If someone trashes your work or product without reading it, using it or offering no constructive criticism other than I could do better myself show restraint leave the strong worded reply for another day and ask them how they feel the product could be improved or if they are simply a pain in the butt explain how you do not want people on your site who do *it want to be there and show them where the exit button is(politely of course)

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What are you struggling with?

Is there any part of Internet marketing that has got you boggled? Please leave a comment below , no problem to small
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