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Great Webinar Hosting Tips

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Posted 30th April 2013 at 08:54 PM by sweetcrabhoney18


Recently because I got some really nice headphones ( From Marshells on sale for $10! ), I've been going to webniars. I went to one yesterday and it was nice but I actually had bought a similar product to the one they were marketed for a lot less money ($7). FYI that product was over $1000 plus monthly cost! Crazy shit.

I actually should be a webniar right now but the guy started to annoy me. When the first 15 minutes of the webinar is about who you are, I'm done. I don't need to hear your whole life story. Get to the method you are teaching and then to the thing you are trying to sell us. I mean shit!

Okay vent over.. kinda. Here are my tips for hosting a great webinar. Also ... I know these tips not because I've hosted on but because I've been to many over the last month.

1. Make sure you prep for everything in advance. I hate seeing people take forever to show their screens or have issues with their Mic. The webinar today I couldn't hear the guy and had to exit then go back and when I came back he was still talking about himself!

2. Use a system that allows everyone to interact. Gowebinar is nice but it makes you feel like you are the only one in the whole room. That might be the point but I dislike it. I also dislike that it requires you to install things. There are other software programs that have a much better interface.

3. Have something to take back for us. I think it's important to give a free report or something to your guest. This can be as simple as just saying " Hey guys, thanks for coming. As a thank you, download this report after you leave. It will help you jump start the method I'm teaching today."

4. Don't make it all about you. The guy today really did that.

5. Make everyone feel important. The first webinar I was in, It was a coaching program. I felt out of place because of my name ( Chimica ) and that it instantly means I'm black. The guy couldn't say my name at all and he seemed to be avoiding me. Not fun. You can make people feel important by taking the time to address them each by name ( if it's a small group ) or sending a SINGLE email to each person after the webinar. By taking the time to actually write an email to everyone one on one they will not feel left out. Also, don't single out one person while live. The coaching guy did this and it made me feel unwanted again.

6. Instead of going with the classic recording, have a way to export and edit your webinar so that you can have it as a video. If you decide to like 4 to 10 webinars, people aren't going to want to hear you talking to the guest but they might want to hear the content. If you export the video files and have someone off of transcribe those webinars, you have a great bonus product to give to your guest but also to sale to others at a later time.

7. Make it fun! Don't just ask if they have questions... ask your guess questions. Asking How are you doesn't count! Asking things like " How is everyone progressing, share your stories with the group please?" That will get your group to be more social and also relax the mood.

8. Be honest. If you don't know an answer to a question say so. In the coaching program the guy acted as if he had wrote the squeeze page product he was giving to other people. I had bought the same product months before and It wasn't his nor did he write it. Not cool.

If I ever was to have a webinar I would follow these guidelines completely. But my girly valley girl voice prevents me from doing that right now. I'd fear that people might not understand to me. You never know I might change my mind later!

If you have a good or bad webinar experience, leave a comment and let me know.

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    Well written and I fully agree. There are far too many webinars that drag on and on about unnecessary things. I would like to see the format change and have yet to see any new inspiring. I am surprised that they all seem to start the same way and almost all bores the audience even before the product is really introduced. I am keen to look for new ideas as this seems a niche of its own. I don't like reading page after page and listening for more than 20 mins. I am in the process of making short promo videos for now. Maybe in the future someone is going to start to produce some quality.
    Posted 1st May 2013 at 04:58 AM by Karena Benjamin Karena Benjamin is offline

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