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Controling your time

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Posted 2nd May 2013 at 11:14 PM by sweetcrabhoney18

Recently I got an email from a list I'm on. The question in the email said " Are you controlling your time? " The truth is most people would say no to that question. And that's not good at all. There is only a limited amount of hours in a day that we can work and we have to use as much of that time to work as possible.

I'll be honest I do get distracted. I have online friends and I have my family but I work hard to control my time. I make sure that every day from 9am to 12pm I am getting my writing done. My quota daily is 3000 words but if I can write 5000 I do it! There are days when I am so lazy that I don't get to even 1500 words it's still about controlling my time for the next day.

In the email yesterday the writer said " Once each hour is used; it can not be gotten back. Forever. " It's completely true.

For awhile there I was using a time tracking software to see just how many hours I would spend writing. I think this month I might go back to that system. I find that when I track my time and have to at least pretend to be a classic employee I get more work done and I'm more focused. The program I used before was clockodoo. Most likely I will run back to that one. I think time is so important and controlling it can really be the key to my success as well as your success.

The email yesterday ended with " Reminder: If you don't control your time, you can not succeed." It's a completely true statement so don't forget it and I won't either!

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