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7 Things to do when you aren't working to relax

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Posted 7th May 2013 at 02:04 PM by sweetcrabhoney18

Being a full time or even a part time writer can really stress a person out. It's not easy most days because you can start to only think about the work you are doing instead of thinking about other things like having fun and trying to relax.
Below you will find a list of 7 things I do when I need to really relax.
I love to read and most of the time I read things about the writing business. It's such a bad idea but I mostly do it to be able to afford things. However since I recently got a Kindle I can download the fiction classics for free or sometimes for as little as $1. It's a great way to take yourself out of your business and travel to a distant world. After I've read a few chapters of a novel I feel great and I feel better going back to work the next day or after a few hours.

Drawing is always something I love to do. I have a son and he is just learning how to draw and uses pens and crayons. I love sitting at the kitchen table with some paper and just spending time with my child. Even if you don't have a child drawing can really take you out of your writing world and into the world of art.

I have a few books of crossword puzzles as well as Sudoku puzzles. I normally go up to my bedroom and just sit and do a few puzzle to let my mind drift away from work. I can do this for an hour or two and go back to work feeling tons better than I did when I started working.

Turning off the computer and playing with your kids or your pet is another great thing to do. Take some time and go outside and just play whatever game that comes to mind. It's a lot of fun to just have a great time as a family. Plus fresh air can help you think tons better.

I am a total craft person. I actually crochet as well as make greeting cards. In my spare time I make blankets for premature babies. When I'm working hard on a project I love to take 30 minutes or 45 minutes to make a quick blanket to make an infant feel good. Its a win-win I think.

Going to the movies is kinda hard for me since my son is so young. Instead of going out I turn off my computer (or run my virus software) and watch a DVD on my TV. It's nice to just relax and it also makes family time that much better.

Lastly I love to take walks and just to have some fresh air and to let my mind wander about whatever comes to mind.

All of these things help me relax so maybe they will work for you as well. A great way to find what works for you is to think about what it is that you like doing most and do that instead of writing. Relaxing is very important so don't over work yourself just to get ahead.

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