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Something New: ONE Business Model

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Posted 8th May 2013 at 12:24 PM by sweetcrabhoney18

I'm going to try something new in one week. I recently read an article that noted about how successful business only invest time in one single model at a time. I've actually never done that. I've always done many different models so that I'd have multiple strings of income that come as needed. This of course makes more work for me and requires more investment money. Am I successful? Kinda but not where I think I should be. And it's because I'm not focusing on one single business model. In one week I'm going to start that brand new or move on from an uncompleted or unprofitable business I have and turn it into a success in 30 to 90 days. Depending on the business that will let me know the time I need.

I don't know yet what I'll do but I'd like to finally stick with something for the long haul. I want to have a completely project that rocks and something that I can be proud of. I also want to get a few steps closer to a life away from my computer a little bit more.

I have a few choices.

First is my services. I offer a lot. From writing, to facebook likes, to logos and to kindle ebook covers. All are great but all take a lot of time. Writing takes the most time. The others require me to outsource a lot of the work which is a huge fear of mine. I might decide to go with the Facebook like service but I don't know yet. I fear that if I am too social with that, I might get in trouble because of the domain or something. While it's highly profitable and a business that doesn't take much time I do love it the most because of it's ease.

Another choice I have is list building. I really suck at this so far. Few people open my emails and few people buy from my emails as well. So I don't know. Solo ads are not my thing because of the high cost. I have to pay a lot of money for them. Still the words the money is in the list always ring in my mind. With all the books I have, you'd think I'd have some success but nope.

Another choice is WSO's . I love WSO's. I launched one yesterday. You can see it here by the way. The problem with these is that they take time to complete and cost $40 to list. I had the plan of listing about 30 in a month. The cost would be $1200! Unless I sold enough daily to afford that cost it would be to expensive. Still I love that idea because it's like a one time kind of thing and builds a list at the same time. Jvzoo also makes it a bit easier since about 50 people like my things and like to be notified. The problem would also be writing the products, the sales page, the graphics, then setting them up to be bought. It would be a long process. Can I do it? Yes but it would take my practice and some funds. And then I'd have to really decide if I would really launch 30 unique products plus an upsell for many of them. This is my favorite plan however.

Another choice is to do an Amazon affiliate website. I have had a few before that are still up and have made a few dollars here and there but nothing huge. I could start a new one or focus on one that needs some help and create one. I think the issue would be trying to get it to be profitable as fast as possible. Another challenge is making sure the topic is one I can write daily on without going nuts. I have on domain that is just sitting there that could easily become an authority niche blog. Still it would take some time to get there. There was a product recently that talks about a new way to market sites such as this on forums socially.

Another choice that I have to mention but am cautious about is Kindle Publishing. I've published a good number of books on there but it seems they don't like me any more. I could easily write three short stories a day and then publish a book a day. The problem is they hold off on publishing my stuff until I "prove to them" that I wrote it. This is all because I fought for a cookbook I wrote months ago. I fear that the time investment won't be worth getting told no for some lame reason like that. Having to prove that I wrote something is not only stressful but hurtful. Still it's an idea.

Another choice I have that has been on the back of my mind for awhile is to do a booklet for charity. This idea kind of excites me but also worries me. It's something I've never done before but I think I could make it profitable in some time. My fear of failure is great and I don't know if I could build a profit quickly like the other methods above. It would be a charity focused project which is nice but it wouldn't get me any closer to the success I hope for. Maybe I should wait on that project until I make my goal income.

Another choice is what a guy on Warrior forum is doing currently. I'm not a copy cat but it's an idea. He's documenting the 60 days of his blog as he does forum marketing and stuff. While that sounds great, his work isn't something I would do. For one the postings don't teach much.. one did maybe two but otherwise it's him just writing in a diary format. He also hasn't made much. I think his goal is to get into coaching which is smart. He's also only working 60 minutes a day on his project while I have nearly 10 hours to do projects.

The last idea would be to write a novel. I've written one before but it got lost when I changed computers. it sucked anyway. If I wrote a novel or maybe a 4 part series, the problem is Kindle again. I'd hate to have to show them all my files just to get the stupid thing published. That would depress me for days if not weeks. Is it worth it? I don't know right now maybe after they reply to my inquiry I will know. I could submit the book to publishes but again rejection is a huge risk.

Each of these ideas have their own plus or minus with them. I don't know which one others would like reading more. I have a feeling the novel on or the affiliate site one. Those are the two that seem to be the most popular these days. I still love the idea of the booklet because it's something I'm highly passionate about. The WSO one is a great thing because it does both list building and product creation. Sadly, it's the most expensive one, the more risky one and also the one that takes more time per product.

At this point I really don't know. I hope to decide soon and get to work as well. We'll see. I'm curious which one would you go with if you were me? What about for yourself?

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