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Day 1 – Getting everything prepped

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Posted 10th May 2013 at 11:40 AM by sweetcrabhoney18

I’m excited. Aren’t you? I mean I know this will work. It’s a proven system to many others. There are people who produce WSO’s and info products every single day so why can’t I do the same?

Now today I actually am not going to write any sets. I should but I have one that is already completed and that I will be launching instead. So I actually did it. But I did work on this project already.

Today I did the following:

Ordered a custom header from Fiverr.com for the sales pages website.
Proof read the previously written articles on the product I am about to launch.
Write the sales page fill in the blank text.
Picked out 15 articles to write for the next week.
While those things might seem like a lot.. they all mean progress. There is this thing I do and have done for awhile. It’s based on this system called Bingo For Writers . What it does it is makes it easy to track the progress of your writing and also give you something to look forward to . I have tons and tons of bingo paper as well as daublers. I love this method. So for every task I dot out a number and then for every article I dot out a number as well. It’s going to add up to a lot of dots and a lot of instant good feelings because I can see the effects right there on the paper. Visit the website above to find out how to do it also. you might fall in love with it.

Tomorrow night most likely I will launch the completed product. Then Sunday I most likely will take a day off. Comment and tell me what you think please!

Be sure to visit Towardssuccessfulparadise.com to leave a comment.
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