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What To Do When The S*&% Hits The Fan

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Posted 7th December 2010 at 01:22 PM by Sylvia Meier

Let's keep this simple.

It's Christmas time, Christmas time means cash is tighter than most months. And with cash being tighter sometimes we're really unprepared for when the s*&% hits the fan.

Being an internet marketer brings with it it's own issues.

Sure, you can work from your couch, you never have to get dressed and you can set your own hours. It all sounds perfect right? Well, almost, there are problems that can arise.

When you work a normal nine to five, you know you're going to have work tomorrow, you know when you get up, you've got work waiting for you, and when you are tabulating your bills, that your job that month will cover your bills. (And if it isn't, you already know that well ahead of time.)

Being an internet marketer doesn't have that luxury. Some months you'll have more income than you know what to do with, other months you'll have next to no income. And let's not forget, when you get sick, or s*&% happens, your entire income stream can very quickly dry up, and leave you wondering what went wrong, and what can you do to fix it.

So, this little report, is going to cover ways to make some quick cash when the s&*# hit's the fan.

There's no fluff, no filler to this report, in fact, it's only 7 pages long. But when the s*&% hit's the fan, this can be the livesaver you need to help you map out your next move and get that cash into your pocket fast.

So how much is this little life saver gonna cost you?

Not $20, although it would be worth it, if it were life or death.

Not even $10, nope, because you see, when the s*&% hits the fan, the last thing you need to worry about is the price of fixing things.

So this little report is only gonna cost you $5! Yep, that's it, just $5 for the answer you may need right away when the s*&% hits the fan.

Due to the low, low price of this offer, there will be no refunds.

Best wishes,
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    Zeus66's Avatar
    Nice report, Sylvia! Some really solid advice and links in there to come up with some cash in a hurry when things get too tight. Most of us have had those times, so this report is a resource for ideas. Thanks for putting it together. Quick read, which I love, but chock full of useful tips.

    Posted 7th December 2010 at 06:39 PM by Zeus66 Zeus66 is offline

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