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Article Marketing 101 - How To Create Effective Articles

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Posted 12th January 2011 at 09:26 PM by Sylvia Meier

Article marketing can be a wonderful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. It can give you on demand traffic and visitors, your guaranteed a minimum amount of back links and your efforts can pay off quickly, without much investment other then your time.

How can you ensure your articles are of good enough quality to get visitors, and targeted enough to get you listed in the search engine results pages as well?

The first step is to simply start writing. If you're not forcing your words out and just allowing them to flow out naturally, it will show in your articles. And instead of trying to figure out how many words you've written and how many times you need to jam keywords in, natural writing will also give you more then ample incidences of your keywords or related ones.

Keep things short and sweet. Now this doesn't mean pump out a bunch of 250 word articles. What it means is that you need to keep the content short and sweet. Readers don't want a lot of fluff and filler when they are seeking a solution to their specific problem.

Speaking of word count, forget about it. That's right, just write and forget the numbers. If you are free flowing with your writing, your article will find it's own natural end. If that's in 400 words, so be it. If it takes 1000 words, let it. By losing the mentality that you have to write under or over a certain number of words, you'll find your writing flows easier, and you won't be forcing yourself to try and spit out that extra hundred words, or to cut out that important paragraph you just wrote.

Stories sell. Ever read an article where your being told a story about someone having the same problem as you, and you begin to relate to them, and suddenly you've finished the entire article, and gone onto the authors website to get your solution? I bet you have, and so do others. Stories are a great way to captivate attention and draw your readers in. We all love knowing that we aren't alone in our trials and tribulations. Use it to your advantage.

Skip the spell check. At least while your busy creating. Switching gears from writing to editing can take the steam out of your writing and make you lose the natural flow and train of thought you develop by simply writing. Leave those squiggles alone till you've completed your idea and the entire article lays before you. Then and only then, edit.

Editing is very important. Nothing looks sloppier or worse then an author who can't string together proper spelling and grammar. If you are going to call yourself a writer, learn to be an editor and proof reader as well. That way you actually look professional, and so do your articles.

Article marketing is a great method of traffic generation, when done correctly. Forget what you've been told and simply become a writer again. Your articles will show it, as will your bottom line. For more tips, click here!
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