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Using the Search Function for Ways to Make Money on Twitter

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Posted 27th April 2012 at 09:00 PM by Tadresources

On the internet these days, Social networking websites are growing at a very fast rate. Twitter is one of the most prominent names among the many such websites. With the help of Twitter, it has been made easy for a business to find more customers and vice-versa, thus finding more ways to make money online. Promotions are hence made easy, without having to shed lots of money.

The basic search function of Twitter allows people to find other people on Twitter. The advanced search option on Twitter can be utilized by companies to find more customers. Using the advanced option, one can set the parameters to display results related to a particular subject and see what people are talking about on that subject. For example, a computer shop owner can use the advanced search option to search for potential customers who may be looking for advices on buying a new computer and the shop owner can contact the customer to help him/her out by giving helpful advices. So if the customer is satisfied by the advices, the shop owner’s reputation improves even if the customer decides to buy the computer from another dealer.

After rolling out a new product into the market, you can run a search with the product name on Twitter to see what people think about the new introduction. This will also help the company to understand the flaws in the product and things which can be done to better it. Tools like these are one of the many lifelines for many small businesses which are in the starting stages.
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