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1. Avoid targeting the wrong keywords

- This is the most common SEO mistake that is even made by the experts. This usually occurs when you are trying to create more descriptive keywords that describe your website but the words you use are not the words that most people search for. You need to be sure to choose the correct SEO keywords as it is one of the most important factors in creating your SEO. You can either make or, worse yet, break your SEO campaign by this one simple mistake. There are software tools available that can help you create your keywords. One of the most popular is Website Keyword suggestion.

2. Do not ignore your title tag

- Leaving out your title tag is another common mistake that is also made by the experts. This is the most important area of your SEO to have your keyword. This will show up as the title of your website in the search engines.

3. Using a flash website that does not contain HTML

- A flash website may appear appealing to you but it is not appealing to users, or even search engines for that matter. If you still prefer to use a flash website be sure that you include an HTML version of the site.

4. Using Java Script Menus

- Search engines do not recognize Java Scripts and therefore should be left out. If you do happen to have certain portions of your website that do contain Java Script you will want to create a site map.

5. Do not forget Consistency and Maintenance

- Against popular belief you cannot create an SEO and forget about it as it will not last forever. If you want your website to continue to be popular you will need to provide both consistency and maintenance regularly. One important aspect of this is keeping an eye on your competition and changing your keywords accordingly.

6. Do not concentrate too much on your Meta Tags

- Meta tags are becoming a thing of the past and therefore it is better to begin leaving them out for best results.
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Kontent is King on the Internet

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Posted 6th December 2012 at 03:28 AM by tee1970

Every website owner and content developer knows the frustration of having to spend hours doing research before the actual writing starts. The writing is not hard and does not take much time. But the problem with the internet is that while information on every subject under the sun is available, there is so much of it. And it's all disorganized. Finding what you need to use in the article you are writing can be hugely frustrating.

Instant Article Wizard is a new program created by Jonathan Leger, the creator of such successful software as $7 Secrets, AdSense Gold, Translation Gold, Article Builder, Keyword Explosion and SEO Explosion. This is a product that is aimed specifically at those who need to create content – either for their own websites or for sale to webmasters. What is does it to take the time and drudgery out of doing research. The program requires the user to just key in the keywords of the article that he wants to write. At the click of a button, a search is begun for all the material that is relevant to the subject. In a few seconds it is all presented to him in a clear and simple format. The programs then identifies sub topics around which the article will be written.

Once the topic and subtopics are chosen, Instant Article Wizard will take over all the research. There is a simple one step at a time procedure to finding the ideas needed for the introduction, the various subtopics that the article will cover and the conclusion. Once all this material has been collected, the program will copy all of it to your computer's clipboard from where transferring it to whatever word processor you use is just a matter of copy and paste. On the word processor you can delete, add and edit the text to give yourself a complete formatted article. How long does this take? Not more than a few minutes.

That's all there is to it. Imagine the time saved. A website owner will now be able to create all the content he needs to keep his site looking fresh and new (and high on search engine results) in just minutes a day. And with the time saved, he or she can produce articles for free article websites and have hundreds of links leading back to his own site. These are things that boost visibility and increase the revenue that the website can generate. And with the time saved, starting other websites and keeping them supplied with new content is easy and fast.

Running a website is a business and having the right content for it is critical. When this can be done in just a few minutes a day, the owner will have time to devote to all the other aspects of his business. And that is how success is achieved.

And content developers who sell their output to webmasters will be able to multiply their output many times over. The result – income increases many times over.

Instant Article Master is proven and extremely easy to use. And it's surprisingly inexpensive.

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