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***How to accomplish your goals is this easy.***

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Posted 20th August 2017 at 07:09 AM by Terry Gremaux

I’m so excited to write you this morning. The is, if you don’t understand how to accomplish your goals easily and effortlessly, let’s run down exactly how to do that.

***How to accomplish your goals is this easy.***

First of all, you’ve got to understand that everything in the world was once or 100 times seen on the frame of the mind before it appeared in this physical world.

I talk about it in this video right here.

I want you to really understand the reason why goals can be so easy to accomplish. I am going to give you a step by step to accomplish anything here on earth.

1. **Decide what you want.**
It seems weird I’ve got to tell you this, but if you don’t know CLEARLY what you want, then the universe can’t supply it to you. It’s frankly impossible.

You need to clearly decide exactly what you want and write it on a notecard. Then keep it in front of you and look at it daily.
2. Study every day that ends in y.
Let’s understand why. The law of compensation clearly states that we get back in direct proportion to what we give.

But we’ve got to have enough within us to give. If we are not studying, we simply don’t have anything to give. You will feel empty.

Also, the law of compensation also clearly states 3 things that will cause you to get paid more or less.
1. The **need** for what you do.
2. The **ability** you have to do it.
3. The **difficulty** in replacing you.

Clearly, you need to become a saint and becoming better at what you do each and every day!

**3. Expectations rule how you accomplish your goals.**

Yes, that’s a fact. It’s what you expect to come back to you that’s very key. You could do everything else 100% right but if you expect bad to happen, bad will happen.

If you expect GREAT things to happen, great things will happen.

There you go. I hope this will help you achieve your goals faster and if you’d like more, head on over to my blog.

http://TheLiveNetworker.Com (Https://TheLiveNetworker.Com)
**Terry J Gremaux**
“The Live Networker”
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