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5 Profitable Video Marketing Secrets Most Beginners Get Wrong Everytime

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Posted 5th September 2013 at 03:11 PM by The Niche Man

‘‘To get the best video marketing start
Do your part,
And get equipped
With these 5 power tips
Then you’ll work smart.’’

If you're reading this article now you're either thinking about starting a video marketing plan - or you've already started. Congratulations! Video marketing is the next phase more small businesses are taking to reach more potential customers.

If you did business in the 1960's people expected you to have a business card. In 2000, people expected you to have a website. Now, if you're serious about business more people will expect you to have a marketing video. Yet, many small business owners continue to bury their heads in the sand, be in denial or avoid the obvious.

But video marketing is the next big game changer for many small businesses. Those who can adapt and master it the fastest will slowly replace those who don't. The race is on.
Thanks to websites like YouTube, consumers are starting to expect a video as much as they do a business card or webpage. Unfortunately, in a rush to jump on this online video trend many markets start on the wrong foot.

For example,

- They fail to do the proper amount of research!
- They fail to do the proper amount of planning!
- They fail to execute their plan properly!
- They fail to seek ways to improve on their plan!
- They fail to seek or follow expert help!

These are the main pitfalls you'll need to beware of. That's why you’d see far less casualties if more beginners would apply the following 5-step plan to their marketing strategy.

Here's the 5 steps to video marketing success for the beginner.

Step 1
Do The Proper Amount of Research

When it comes to video marketing it all begins with research. And those who fail to do it properly risk disappointment, frustration and even embarrassment. Research will allow you to avoid mistakes, save time and reach your goals faster.

When it comes to research, you’re living in the most exciting time in history. Pause and let that sink in for a second. Think about it, with a few clicks of a mouse all the expert knowledge history (and Google) could gather is at your fingertips.

You have free access to information histories most powerful kings, emperors, and business tycoons could only dream of having. That’s why I scratch my head in amazement when people come to me with problems - they could have solved with a few mouse clicks.
Those who’ll succeed in this information age don’t have to know everything - but it’s essential they know how and where to find it when needed.

Step 2
Do The Proper Amount of Planning

There’s a popular saying that goes like this. "Those who fail to plan ... plan to fail". And that saying goes double when it comes to video marketing. You can plainly see it if you watch and research as many marketing videos as I do.

For example, videos that are disjointed, confusing or fail to engage the viewer. This is usually the result of improper planning. And those who get the video part right stumble when it comes to marketing. You have to get the "video" and the "marketing" parts right to succeed in this competitive landscape.

Step 3
Execute The Plan Properly

Excellence of execution is where the rubber meets the road. It’s also the place where flaws in the first two steps (research and planning) will show up. But even with the best research and planning, you can still blow it if you don’t have the skill, equipment or resources.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your ambitions match your ability. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with starting small when it comes to video marketing. If you do it right you can grow big faster than any other method.

Step 4
Seek Ways To Improve

This is the step that often separates the potential pros from the pretenders. For instance, many will try making a marketing video once or twice and quit if they get disappointing results.

But what many don’t know is most of the successful video marketers you see today had disappointing results at first. So, what was the difference that made them successful? They kept seeking ways to improve - while others didn’t. End of story!

Step 5
Seek Expert Help

You’re taking an important step by reading this article. This is one of the most powerful secrets top video marketers use from day one. They constantly seek expert help. They avoid going it alone.

With so much low and no-cost help available it’s foolish (and often suicidal) to try and learn everything yourself. After all, there’s not enough time in your day. So, speed up your learning curve and effectiveness - by seeking help.

Signs to look for when seeking expert help:

- They have a track record of success.
- They have a passion for video marketing.
- They offer free guidance to get you started.
- If they charge for a service, they promise specific results ... with a money back guarantee.


If you’re a beginner, you’ll avoid the devastating mistakes others have made by following these 5 powerful steps. So, the next step is to take action on the tips you’ve discovered in this article - and enjoy the benefits.

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