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Niche Business Ideas That Demonstrate Video Marketing Success

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Posted 5th September 2013 at 03:13 PM by The Niche Man

‘‘A video that demonstrates
Can fascinate and motivate,
They prove things words can't
While saving you from useless rants
And puts your prospect in a buying state.’’

Because video marketing is growing so fast, more small businesses continue to seek a stronger video niche in their market. Why? To separate themselves from the crowd. Now it's not just smart - but essential to find that special edge your competitors don't have or haven't shown.

You must admit, more online videos are starting to look the same if you're the average consumer. For instance, most consumers see dozens of videos or more (including on T.V) each day. That's your competition as well. So, finding new ways to stand out from the herd is getting harder by the minute. That means the bar is rising fast when it comes to video content.

Consumers are getting bored, rolling their eyes and quickly clicking off marketing videos that were successful just a few months ago. Who knew? Yes, videos filled with claims of "my product or service is ... the best, fastest or biggest hold less water with today's savvy consumers. Have you noticed yet?

The Power of the Video Demonstration
Now, consumers seek more uniqueness in order to convince them to try your product or service. And the most convincing ways to add uniqueness to your marketing video is through demonstration.

Yes, demonstration is still one of the most dramatic ways to convince a prospect to try or buy your product. It continues to stand the test of time, even in this high tech era. Yet it's shocking how little marketers use it in their videos.

"Seeing is believing" is still a popular saying. That's why one of the places where video constantly outperforms print ads, sales letters and even radio is "the demonstration". Because there's nothing better than showing a prospect how your product or service works - and the results!

But I still see marketers blowing their chances at a sale. How? By not making their video demonstration dramatic enough. Drama and anticipation is the secret sauce behind all great demonstration videos that market a product or service. Not just a huge marketing budget or a celebrity spokes person.

Think of some of the most memorable demonstration video ads you’ve seen, for example ...

  • The Fabreeze Car Deodorizer - Where they dump smelly garbage in the back of a van and park it in the hot sun for hours. Next, two people are blindfolded and placed in the van and asked to describe what they smell. Shockingly, the only thing they can describe is how fresh and pleasant the smell is (because of the Fabreeze deodorizer).

  • Tide Laundry Detergent - Where a 5 year old is encouraged to slide on their knees in thick grass, jump in mud puddles and rub chocolate-caked fingers on their white pants. All this to demonstrate the awesome cleaning power of a popular laundry detergent.

  • Timex Watches - And who could forget those classic Timex watch commercials. You know where each demonstration dramatically shows how the watch could take a licking ... and keep on ticking! For example, tied to the blades of a speedboat, ran over by a car, and even stepped on by an elephant.

One of the first reactions your viewer should have is "no way!" But they’re forced to believe it because they see it with their own peepers. That's what most successful demonstration videos have in common. Next, they're encouraged to try the product or service themselves - backed by a meaty no-risk money back guarantee.

This is the current template for video marketing success you should reach for. Because Missouri is not the only "show me state". Most of today's skeptical consumers are constantly saying or thinking, "show me" to your marketing videos.

So, make sure you don't waste your time (or your prospects) with a video full of hype, product bragging or cold statistics like so many others. That is so ... 2010.

All your prospects want you to do in these skeptical and over-hyped times is ... show them! And the best way to do that is through a demonstration video.

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