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Top 3 Video Marketing Myths ... That's Blocking Sales From Many Small Businesses

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Posted 5th September 2013 at 03:15 PM by The Niche Man

Video marketing myths
Can make you plead the fifth,
They rob businesses of sales
Plus causes slumps to prevail
Making truth harder to live with.

Video marketing is the latest trend more small businesses continue to turn to. Unfortunately, as fast growing trends rise ... so do myths!
The problem? When small business owners follow myths instead of "current" facts and customer feedback then sales, profits and customers suffer.

I'm still finding many small business owners who continue to delay, neglect and even ignore video marketing. Yes, despite the almost overwhelming evidence of benefits and mountains of positive data.

Are any of these myths holding you or your business back?

1. Video Marketing is Expensive

Yes, it can be if you want it to. But I've seen and done high quality, professional looking marketing videos with a simple smartphone. In fact, many small business owners started with a smartphone. Next, they discovered the quality was so good - they continued using it.

Your smartphone could be your low cost choice - without looking amateurish. The risk reward ratio is excellent. The rapid growth in quality of smartphone videos makes it one of your smartest choices for getting started.

Now you can even buy mind-blowing apps. for your smartphone that allow you to use "Hollywood-style" video special effects. So, don't allow the "video marketing is expensive" excuse to hold you back any longer. Because while you're thinking it can't be done - scores of inexperienced people are doing it ... even with little or no money!

2. Video Marketing is Complicated

This is a myth that continues to hold scores of people and small businesses back. Truth is, the average non-techie person can get started by reading and watching videos on a few specific websites.

Next, practice what you've learned. If you can learn to use a computer - you can start a video marketing campaign ... and boost sales. You'll soon discover your potential growth and profit is well worth the small effort it takes to get started - once you get past the myths.

Ironically, the technology people found complicated a few years ago is now simplifying video marketing.

3. I'm Camera Shy

This is a huge roadblock for many small business owners. These are the people who still believe you must have a polished, professional announcer and look. It helps - but it's not necessary to get started. Here’s why.

Because thanks to YouTube the public expectation continues to change. In fact, according to our latest research, the less polished certain marketing videos are the more believable many consumers find them.

For example, testimonial or demonstration type videos that look real instead of polished creates more trust in skeptical consumers. So, consider doing a simple demonstration of your product as a start. You'll soon find you're not camera shy after all.

Do you feel uncomfortable ... even doing a simple demonstration video of your own product? Here's a solution. Get a friend or relative to tell your video message. After all, everyone has at least one good camera hound (or ham) in the family.

I hope I've helped you shatter these sales robbing myths once and for all. Now get started with some of the ideas and suggestions. You’ll soon discover how profitable, effective and inexpensive video marketing can be.

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