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3 Niche Business Ideas That Encourage Word of Mouth Advertising

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Posted 5th September 2013 at 03:36 PM by The Niche Man

Consumers have decided to just ...
Want endorsements from people they trust,
So, ignoring word of mouth
Could cause your business to go south
That's why word of mouth is a must.

In this high tech world of business, the best form of advertising is still old fashion word-of-mouth. Why? We find it the most dependable, trusted and longest lasting.

The word-of-mouth is defined as an unbiased recommendation from friends, family or others - who don't stand to financially gain from it. Yes, words from people we trust sells more products and services than any other form of advertising.

Finding more ways to inspire word of mouth advertising is one the wisest marketing investments you can make. Yet, it's surprising how little most small businesses put in developing a continuous strategy or program for generating word-of-mouth advertising.

At best, most businesses temporarily focus on word-of-mouth advertising when introducing their business, product or service. But in today's hyper-competitive business climate the smarter companies make it a permanent part of their business plan.

Although there's many ways to encourage word-of-mouth advertising, here's the top 3 ideas that's worked for me. Here's why:

1. They're easy to do.
2. They cost little or nothing to test.
3. The results are measurable.

The top 3 business ideas that encourage word-of-mouth advertising are ...

I. Do The Exceptional/Give Exceptional Service

Just meeting customer expectations is so yesterday. In fact, it won't even register on a scale of 1 to 10 these days. In most cases giving a little more than expected won't even do it. Sorry.

To stand out enough to generate serious word-of-mouth advertising you've got to "offer" the exceptional and back it up with exceptional service.

That means ...

1. Offer an Exceptional Product or Service!
2. Offer Exceptional Value!
3. Give Exceptional Follow-Up!

Now, let's examine quick and easy ways you can benefit from these powerful secrets starting today.

I. Offer an Exceptional Product or Service
This is the foundation of encouraging word-of-mouth advertising. A product or service that targets and "over-delivers" to the need of a specific group of people.

Avoiding the temptation to be all things to all people is the first step. The next step is having a product or service that does what the competition doesn't do, have or offer.

II. Offer Exceptional Value

People crave value, it's the difference between no sale and a satisfied customer. Do you make your customer feel they received more satisfaction from your product or service than expected? Then you'll go a long way in offering exceptional value - and receiving word-of-mouth advertising.

But don't stop there. Surprise them by doing things your competitors hate to do. This will help you stand out fast. It requires you to research your competition a little deeper. Make a list of things they don't do.

Next, research your target market and find out what they want more of or less of. Then choose the best match between what your competitors hate to do and what your target prospects would like. You could discover a new niche idea.

III. Give Exceptional Follow-Up

This is where you can really distance yourself from the pack. If you can give exceptional after-the-sale follow up service you could propel your word-of-mouth advertising through the roof.

Just think about all the money you spent this year with different businesses. How many have actually called or emailed you to see how you liked their product or service? Or if there's anything they can do to improve it? My guess is the percentage is extremely low if any at all.

But that's the normal experience. Most businesses don't have time to bother with this. So, do you think you'd stand out if you did it? Of course you would. The key is having a firm commitment of doing consistently.

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