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You don't need to the most talented!

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Posted 7th August 2008 at 04:52 AM by TheMagicShow

Hi Warriors,

This is a topic that I wanted to blog about, you see there are some people that are naturally very talented in many things and they seem to be a natural or pro on getting some things done. These people have success and some look at this in a negative way, you see someone that has talent ,don't get negative at all, instead start that burning desire within you and work your tail off to gain that very same skill that the other person has.

I would rather have desire and hard work ethics than being very talented, many have been talented but many more with serious desire have done as good or maybe even better in marketing, it takes serious desire to make it. If you lack skills in a certain area then just work hard and in time you too can acquire some major talents.

My greatest strength is desire and motivation, learning is a never ending path and all should work on learning new things and success is just around the corner.
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