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5 Tips to Guarantee Your Success in Your Internet Marketing Business

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Posted 8th August 2013 at 02:58 AM by themichaelcook

Hey friends, Hope all you fine Warriors are having a blessed day. I'm going to try and keep this blog post as short as possible but with me that get's hard as I want to make sure my point gets acrossed and you don't leave scratching your heads.

I got over 10 pm's today here on the WF after I replied to a post, Some from Newbies and some from Struggling Internet Marketers seeking advice on how they can get their business rolling in the right direction..

Lets Get to it...

There are 5 tips you can start implementing TODAY to take your business from struggling to on the road of SUCCESS..

1. Auto Responder

I don't care what anyone tell's you, You need an auto responder in place to collect leads for your business on a daily basis. I didn't become successful in this business until I implemented this crucial step.

There are plenty of options you can go through, I personally use Aweber but there are plenty of other options out there.

2.Squeeze Page

Having a Squeeze Page is an essential part of the list building process and without one your leaving alot of subscribers and money on the table.

I myself create my own squeeze and sales pages thanks to tools like Optimize Press and Authority Pro. So if your not implementing Squeeze Pages in your business you need to start today.

3.Lead Magnet

You have to have a Lead Magnet in place to entice your visitors to become subscribers. There are plenty of ways you can go about creating a Lead Magnet.

If you was like me and plenty of other marketers when first starting out you can use PLR Material and repurpose it yourself to claim authorship of it.

If your more experienced you can come up with your own Lead Magnet which can range from a free report to a free 5-10 minute video.

Also this Lead Magnet can be a watered down version of a paid product you can offer.

4. One Time Offer(OTO)

Remember the freebie product I was just talking about? This product can be the full blown version of your freebie product.

Rule of thumb though, make sure that your OTO is directly connected with the Freebie offer as you now know that your newly found subscribers was interested in your Free report, video and will more than likely be interested in your OTO as well if it is directly connected with your Freebie offer.


I see alot of people that are concerned about driving traffic to there sales funnels and to tell the truth folks, Driving traffic is the easiest part of Internet Marketing as there is no shortage of it anywhere.

You got both free and paid traffic sources and depending on what NICHE of Internet Marketing you decided to build your business in and hoping you done your Market Research to see if the Niche is even worth getting into you will never run out of people to drive to your websites.

You got Forum Marketing, Blog Commenting, Solo Ads, Media Buys, Banner Ads etc., I can go on and on about traffic as its the simplest part of Internet Marketing.

A bit of advice is to take one traffic source, Master it and once you do that and are driving tons of traffic to your sales funnels then go and Master another traffic source.

Internet Marketing is a numbers game my friends and there is alot of testing and tweaking you must do to fine tune your marketing campaigns.

In closing, You can have all the knowledge in the world about Internet Marketing but that Knowledge won't amount to a hill of beans unless you act upon that knowledge and TAKE ACTION!!!

Till Next Time,

Michael "Time To Take Action" Cook
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