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SEO 30 Day Plan - Day 1

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Posted 27th January 2016 at 09:23 PM by themusiccoach

I have decided to start entering my SEO actions on this blog because i have heard that if you document things and hold yourself accountable then you are more likely to follow through.

So, I am managing 3 sites. The goals are to rank first page Google on local for 3 keywords for each site and to get traffic coming in at 50 visits per site per day.

These are the actions I am taking daily:

Success Ingredients (% done)
Interview (3 Total)
Social Media Promotion (50 Visits Day)
Email Outreach (100)

Daily Actions (Y/N)

15 Min Keyword Research
One Interview Weekly
Document Progress Warrior Forum
Add 10 People To Prospect List
Message 5 People For Links
Post To Social Media
Reach Out To 1 Interview Prospect
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15 Min On-site SEO

Day 1 - This day i started off really slow. The thing is that if I ever want to get out of my crappy day job I have to be able to show that I can do SEO and this is more than likely the best opportunity I will ever have to do that.

I have 3 months to show results. If I can then the place I am doing the SEO work for has indicated they would want to hire me full-time.

It is not contingent on all these results happening but the thing is until I am doing SEO every day how will I know that I really want to do it every day and can be good at it over time?

Anyway, here I go. I feel this is the time and I have nothing left to lose so I am going to go for it.
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