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SEO Diary Day 2 - Process, Process, Process

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Posted 28th January 2016 at 11:20 PM by themusiccoach

Well, today was my 2nd day of the 30 day SEO campaign blog that I am doing here to see if in fact the idea of having 10 specific tactics that build on 3 total strategies for traffic, rankings and social media will make a difference.

I maybe did not mention it yesterday but the way this all come up was that I realized I had started doing this latest SEO project in August but once the initial pressure was off I backed off and have been doing the least amount of work I could get by with and still get paid.


So, I am happy to report that yesterday and today saw more progress in 2 days than the previous 2 months had seen. (Slight exaggeration)

I will explain a little more about what I am doing so if anyone reads this they may be able to learn either from my success or my failures.

I am managing 3 websites for a healthcare company. The goals for SEO are :
1. That the sites get 50 hits per day (bounce rates 50% and time on over 3:00)
2. That the sites rank on the 1st page of Google for certain keywords. (This is regional so not a national rankings)

For some reason when I started this project this seemed easy. Problem is there is a whole lot of competition in the Twin Cities Health Care field and so front page ads for these keywords run between $4 -$50. Not exactly freebie keywords.

Anyway, I am using Backlinko and Neil Patel for some extra inspiration.

The main ingredient here is a major content project I created by doing interviews with experts across the healthcare field that are relevant to new issues in 2016.

The plan is to start posting this now. (I have 2 of the interviews up and will be posting about 10 in all) i am also posting some daily articles to keep things flowing.

I am next going to start an email outreach for back-links.

I feel I have done most of what I can do as far as onsite SEO, Social Media, Local Citations and (maybe not quite) reviews.

The last, biggest and hardest thing for me is the back-links.

Anyway, better get back to it.

Here again is the set of tactics I use to grade myself daily.

First i assess how i am showing up by rating
Mind & Body on 1-10 scale. This will help me see if I need to make sure I am in tune in order to be effective,

Next I have my goals which I mentioned earlier. I am about 1/2 there as far as traffic. Rankings though are only on 2nd page at best and in some cases way further back.

These are the main strategies I am using to accomplish the goals:

Success Ingredients (% done)

Interview (Goal is 3 Total)
Social Media Promotion (Goal is Posting Daily)
Email Outreach (Goal is 100 total emails sent)

Daily Actions (Y/N)

Apply New Seo Tactic - Yes Today it was Local NAP correction

One Interview Week - None Today

Meditate - Did not do this today

Document Progress Warrior Forum _ Yes Right now

Add 10 People To Prospect List - Nope

Message 5 People For Links Via Email - Nope

Post To Social Media Using Hootsuite - yes

Reach Out To 1 Interview Prospect - Yes

Posting Daily On Site - Yes

15 Min On-site SEO - Yes

Total ( 6 of 10) Tied with yesterday.

Better get some sleep. Oh, I should mention I have to work a regular job all day and that is why I am doing this because if I can achieve results I get to say goodbye to the job and work for clinic full-time.
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