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This is the official Warrior Forum Blog for Dr Ope Banwo, The Wealth Apostle.

On this blog, we will be sharing different ideas on how to make money in different niches particularly IM and Network Marketing
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THE GURUS ARE WRONG! Why Talking About Politics, Religion Or Sex Is The Best Blogging Strategy

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Posted 8th April 2013 at 10:42 AM by thewealthapostle

Discussions About Politics, Religion Or Sex Is Your Best Blogging Strategy for 2013 and beyond!

In my short time in internet marketing, I have noticed that practically all the knowledgeable gurus advised AGAINST ever talking about Politics, Religion and Sex on your blog, or in your emails, if you want to survive or make any money. I humbly beg to differ from this long held wisdom for internet success. I believe that if you really want to succeed as a blogger who has a Passionate Following; with Passionate Spenders; and Committed Followers, blogging on Politics, Region or Sex is your best in 2013!

The more I think about what most gurus agreed is necessary to achieve success as an internet marketer, the more I believe that they are wrong to counsel against getting involved in politics, religion or sex, if one wants to acquire those things. To achieve the ingredients of success as a blogger, you actually need to embrace discussion and opinions on Politics, Religion or Sex! Seriously.

Now, before you say I have lost my mind, let us carefully consider what the gurus tell us are the ingredients for achieving internet marketing success, and then consider the best way to get those ingredients in 2013:

1. You Need Loyal And Passionate Customers
Everyone seemed to agree that for you to be successful as a blogger or marketer, you need loyal and passionate followers. My question then is: where else can you get more passionate people outside of their politics, religion and sex?

Of course every-time you talk about these 3 things, many people will disagree with you and many will leave your blog for it. On the other hand, those who agreed with you will become passionate followers. They will often do whatever you want, and buy whatever you are selling, in support of that political or religious belief. Nothing makes people more passionate than their religious beliefs, political opinion and the opposite sex (or maybe even same sex these days!).

The reality of human existence is that you can get people to buy anything from you, or do anything for you, if you can tie whatever it is you are selling to their Politics, Religion or Sexual Preferences.

So, if your goal is really to get passionate and loyal followers to your list or blog quickly and cheaply, why do you think picking SAFE or NEUTRAL discussion areas is the answer? Pick an issue on religion or politics and you can be sure passion will fly high. Your threads will be active, and people will invite other people of like minds to join the fray! You will create passsionate HATERS and attract committed LOVERS. Either way you win! Because even those who hate you can be sold on buying things that support their hatred of you!

If you don’t believe me, start a thread on ObamaCare or Gun Control or Same Sex Marriage and see how many people will get into the discussion! At that point, to make serious money, your job will then look for what to do to MONETIZE that passion! You will be laughing all he way to the bank as people shout at each other on whether to ban guns or not! or whether Obamacare is repealed or enforced.

2. You Need An Active Niche Where People Are Ready To Spend Good Money –

Every eBook writer and Webinar presenter agreed that there is good money to be made if you can find a passionate niche where people are willing to spend money to indulge their passion.

Again, there are lots of profitable niches that naturally develops from politics, region and sex.

People will spend ridiculous amounts on things that have to do with their political, religious and sexual beliefs. Smart marketers now look at these 3 taboo areas as the oil well for their future. People will pay for anything if they believe it will help them get closer to their God.

People will do whatever it takes to defend and sustain their political opinions and of course, regardless of what anyone may say, sex still sells (and I don’t mean in the bad sense of pornography or pedophilia or anything crazy like that. Even in a good way, Sex still sells big time. For instance one of the fastest growing sites on the internet is a CHRISTIAN DATING SITE!. Afterall, As long as the earth remaineth, most women's desires will still be for a lover, and vice versa]

3. You Need To Build A Sustainable Members List

All the internet gurus teach that the money is in the list, but I don’t necessarily agree that this is still the case in 2013.

The money is NO longer in the LIST but in the RELATIONSHIP.

As anyone in this business should know by now, the chances of getting your email read by your precious List members is diminishing at an alarming rate every day. People subscribe to so many lists these days because everybody is ‘bribing’ them with free gifts. Now, they are weary of opening emails from ‘marketers’. Also, the escalating ‘spam’ controls of most email services, and the new laws from governments everywhere, is not helping either.

So, though I am considered a complete newbie at this point in time, it did not take me long to realize that trying to chase that big list of subscribers that every guru is telling me will deliver me from poverty is a ‘fool’s gold’. By the time you have finished spending serious money acquiring that list, most of them have already moved on to the next 'freebie' guy.

Furthermore, my experience at the Warrior Event in Raleigh last week also confirmed my suspicions that new thinkers on list building are beginning to exploit alternatives to traditional list building as a business model. If you missed that event you need to check out the new guys leading this need thinking such as the irreverent COLIN THERIOT, passionate OMAR MARTIN and coldly analytical DON WILSON.

This new phenomenon accounts for how some people are now making serious money in relationship based forums such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest without depending on the traditional list building approach.

Truth is, people now celebrate and feed relationships they are comfortable with.

While most people on a list will not open their emails anymore, they will respond to somebody they have a relationship with on Facebook or the Warrior forum.

So, in this age where most relationships are being driven by the internet, where do you think you can get the most rewarding relationships? Of course it is going to be among those who hold the same beliefs as you do either in politics, religion or sex!

For those who may doubt this, try and start a blog for GAYS OR CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS OR GUN LOVERS OR OBAMA-HATERS and see how successful you would be. Rush Limburgh and Howard Stern are two very opinionated commentators on opposite SIDES of the moral and political divide. Yet, BOTH OF THEM have millions of PASSIONATE fans who would buy anything they are selling! For every one person that hated them with a passion, there is another equally ardent follower.

So, I believe it’s time for a new thinking. The world is changing. The forums are changing. The Law is changing. The way people respond to internet marketers is also changing.

It will therefore be naïve to assume that what works for list building, or successful blogging 5 years ago, will still work today. It is time to step out of whatever closet you may have hidden your Political, Religious or Sexual beliefs and put your opinions on glorious display if you want to profit from blogging in 2013!

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