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Did you know Google does not pass anchor text?

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Posted 6th February 2013 at 03:42 AM by tigerbeef

You may have heard that Google does not count links equally and that Google can in fact ignore links completely. Google even can refuse to pass PageRank.

What does this mean exactly?

To put it simply, Google has a built-in spam filter, and if any form of web content seems thin, weak, spammy and not unique, then any links from that web content will basically not count.

So if you have written an article which contains links with keyword optimized anchor text or placed a link on a web page with keyword optimized anchor text, and Google does not agree with the nature of content (basically Google thinks it is spammy), the anchor text that you have used will not count towards your backlink profile, and thus no bump in the SERPs will be seen!

Tell me More About This Phenomenon

Matt Cutts recently came out of the woodwork with a message to link builders, basically saying links from press releases do not pass anchor text and do not count. However, SEOConsult tested and disproved his theory by testing a unique anchor text not used in the Google serps, and linked it to Matt Cutts Blogspot blog. Guess what? the anchor text passed and Matt Cutts Blogspot blog is now ranking for that particular anchor text!

While in this instance, press releases do pass anchor text, the point was that Google now is more and more formal about using the phrase "does not pass anchor text" more and more often. So make sure when you are writing content for the purposes of link building, that the content is unique, user-engaging and introduces something new to the audience which no other article in your niche has done before, to ensure your link building efforts do not go to waste.

Article written by Adam Dominik & author of More About Winning Lottery.

Edit: New information as posted by Matt Cutts: http://searchengineland.com/link-sel...from-it-154405 - Matt Cutts explains that when sites that sell links (with Google knowing about it) link to you, Google won’t pass value (anchor text!) from that link seller website.
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