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Using YouTube To Drive Web Traffic & Build a Following Online

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Posted 16th April 2012 at 06:57 PM by tim_buchalka


It’s time to talk Youtube so lets get to it.

From 0 To 1100 Unique Visitors Per Way And Growing In 52 Days.

Interested? Well we think you should be, because this method has done just that for us and it continues to grow.

First, let’s give a little background; the method involves using YouTube and posting a video each day.

Along the way if you do this right, YouTube will contact you with an email offering to allow you to get paid via Youtube Adsense on and near your videos.

So in other words when any visitor who watches one of your videos then clicks an ad (either the ad on the video itself, or an add somewhere on the page) you make some money.

How much money?

Well that depends much like regular Adsense. Keyword competition plays a part in this process, and the more competitive the more you will make per click.

Now don’t be put off thinking that it’s video and it’s way to hard, in actual fact video has significant advantages, not the least of which is it is a LOT EASIER to rank for than regular websites in Google.

Don’t forget that a ton of people actually go straight to YouTube to search for solutions to problems, and there is nothing stopping you from “diverting” the YouTube visitors to your website (by promoting that in the video on in the video description on the page). 1,100 visitors per day (and growing) is nothing to be sneezed at is it ?

How did this come about?

About 2 months ago, myself and my brother Anthony watched a video called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it changed our lives. Go to their Facebook page if you want to find out more about that video and what it’s all about.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead | Facebook

Without going into too much detail, a fellow Aussie went on a diet of only drinking fruit and vegetable juice and lost an absolute ton of weight in 60 days and has kept the weight off, and also healed himself in the process no longer requiring any medication.

Anyway, me being at the time a lot more overweight then Anthony, made the decision to go on my own long-term juice fast in an effort to get my physical weight in order.

I decided to keep myself accountable by posting a daily video of my progress.

And That Has What To Do With Internet Marketing?

Well of course Anthony was quick to suggest we “kill two birds with the one stone” and to see if we could get web traffic to these videos.

Fast forward 52 days and Tim’s weight is down by nearly 22 Kgs (48 ½ pounds) and his blood pressure is now “perfect” at 110/80, his sugar levels and cholesterol are both “very” normal, and his Asthma has completely disappeared. From an Internet Marketing point of view, around 1,100 visitors per day (unique visitors) are watching one of the 52 videos that have been uploaded (1 video per day) and the visitor count is increasing daily!

Along the way, YouTube actually invited us to monetize EACH Adsense YoutubeVideo automatically with Adsense, meaning our income is starting to grow each day as well.

Since uploading the first video, Tim has also gained 178 subscribers, had a total of 25,000 views, been approved to receive Adsense (earning are now around $10 per day but rising continually and will continue to do so as more traffic is received and videos are uploaded). Right now the daily views are around 1,100 per day and around 7 new subscribers per day. We think you would agree that is a pretty nice result.

It should be remembered that we have done NO MONETIZATION on these videos, we are not marketing Youtube videos to promote any website, and do not include any “call to action” in the videos other than suggesting they comment and “Like” the video. You would of course do all this monetization when you do your videos. Overall a pretty decent result that is going to get a LOT BETTER over time.

POST UPDATE: It’s now about 5 months since I shot the last video. I have to be honest and say I have gained back around 10 Kgs of my lost weight (although I feel I am now in a better place and have stabilized by food and exercise program).

However I am now getting around 2,500 views of my videos every day. Monetization is not crazy high but is growing. My channel has had close to 500,000 views ! Around 250,000 + views are juice fasting related.

I am sure you will have you have to agree, that is pretty incredible – You can do the same, whats stopping you ?

Hopefully I have convinced you how powerful it really is to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website and at the same time, earn some extra cash as well.

Click the link below to read more;

Youtube - Drive Traffic And Build A Following Online
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  1. New Comment
    azmanar's Avatar
    Hi Tim,

    A great blog post ! Love it. Veggies are extremely important.

    I'm absolutely amazed with the sort of discipline you and your brother have.

    Knowing myself, I won't be able to do like you guys did.

    I took a different route that took me 2 years to drop from 116kg to 81kg right now. It is very gradual and I won't have to visit the clothing stores too often. lol.

    I eat well, eat fruits before any meals, breakfast on oats only, do a little stretching exercise daily, walk a lot and use supplements as well as take black coffee with cinnamon. I cut down sugar by half, read product labels before buying, total avoidance of corn syrup and stopped milk-based products completely.

    That was the first time ever being consistent for a rather long period of time. lol. And got results but takes a lot longer time than what you recommended.

    Again. Nice blog post about YouTube Marketing without direct monetization efforts.
    Posted 17th April 2012 at 05:00 AM by azmanar azmanar is offline
  2. New Comment
    tim_buchalka's Avatar
    Appreciate the kind words, thanks for that. Congrats on your weight loss as well!

    What works in weight loss is right in my opinion. Fast or slow whatever works is right I believe.
    Posted 1st May 2012 at 08:17 PM by tim_buchalka tim_buchalka is offline

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