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Make you & your business stand out

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Posted 28th February 2009 at 10:58 AM by TimCastleman

What are you doing in your business that is out of the ordinary? For most people the list is small, if not blank.

So if you aren't doing anything extraordinary, how do you think your customers are going to remember you next time they want to make a purchase?

On Monday my friend took his wife out to dinner to celebrate her passing her teaching certification.

They went to a fancy restaurant had a bottle of wine and dinner and left $140 later (ouch!). Anyway, they had made small talk the entire night with the waitress and told them why they were dinning that night.

So my friend tells me the food and the wine was out of this word. He said the decor was nothing he had ever seen before and even though he paid a hefty sum for the same things that could be served in any kitchen in the world he said he would go back.

I asked him what made him want to go back, and to be honest I was a little shocked at his answer.

It seems a few days after eating there they got a card from the restaurant. It was handwritten to both him and his wife from the waitress thanking them for come to eat and wishing his wife the best in her new teaching career.

He said it was the only time he had ever been sent a thank you card IN HIS LIFE. And judging by the fact that we are going to eat there next week it really stood out.

You could do the same thing and the best part is it doesn't take a lot of money or time to do it.

I use to order international cigars from a place in Australia. I loved it because when I got the cigars a few days later I always got a thank you note from the owner along with a stuffed animal. It was his way of standing out.

What if every person who bought your online product got an offline thank you card from you. Were talking about 5 minutes max to write, address, and stamp them and less than $1 in cost. Don't you think that would stand out in their mind?

So make a list of ways your business could stand out from the competition and make it easy for people to remember to buy from you again.
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