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Who says so?

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Posted 3rd March 2009 at 10:19 AM by TimCastleman

I spent yesterday golfing.

I know hate me if you want, but while the rest of the people in the world were at work slaving away for the man I was on the back nine hitting balls into the trees and water like Tiger Woods.

It was funny to sit in traffic and see everyone driving into work. Actually it was pretty sad because I didn't see to many people actually happy to be doing so.

It got me thinking about life while I was wading though ankle deep water to get my 19th misplaced ball.

Who says so?

Who says you can't go golfing on Monday?
Who says you have to work during the week?
Who says you can't work from home?

You do.

Think about it for a second, you are the person that limits yourself the most. Seriously .. the friend in the photo above told me he envied me.

He said he couldn't believe I had quit my job and was now working for myself. He also couldn't believe that I could drop everything and show up at his house to play golf on a Monday.

I didn't have to ask permission from my boss, I didn't have to take a vacation day - I just did it.

Now the truth is he could do the same thing I am doing but HE chooses not to. Instead he chooses to live in the world of paycheck to paycheck living. I am not faulting him, I was there many years ago because I made the decision to change my life forever and become debt free.

He also chooses to drive to work 1 hour each way everyday and put almost 70,000 miles on a truck that is less than 3 years old. He admires what I have done, but isn't willing to make the sacrifices or take a leap of faith like I have.

Make no mistake - life is about choices - picking a used car over a new one, staying home to eat instead of going out every night.

But with each choice you make you have total control.

Want to become a published author - you are the one who says so.

Want to put together an awesome WSO - you're in control.

Want to put yourself out to the world as a expert - no one will stop you but yourself.

The only person in control of your destiny is you.

Sacrifice the crap (TV, internet browsing, etc) and work on what you really want to become.

Make a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.

Like my friend Dave Ramsey says - live like no one else today, so later you can live like no one else.

Who says so - you do.
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