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Offline Selling - Part 3

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Posted 12th March 2009 at 09:23 PM by TimCastleman

Quick review

1. You found out where the business is currently at
2. You found out where the business wants to go
3. You confirmed both the starting and stopping points with the business owner.
(Something like if I understand you correctly you are here (x) and you want to be (y)).
4. You have suggested several ideas and found one or two that the business owner is excited about

What now ....

Well after you have explained what you think will be a good solution for their issues or problems I want you to ask something that is very important.

And that is this - ask them if they have any questions or reasons why they think this wouldn't work.

Lets be honest here. If you don't get the business owner to agree that your solution to their problem is viable then you are wasting your time. Unless you get them to buy in with it, you are wasting your time. If you've taken the time to understand the 4 critical areas above this should be no problem.

After all you suggested enough ideas and found one or two that they were excited with and as a result are ready to put into action.

By asking for questions or objections you are getting a chance to find out the "reasons why" they would say no to your proposal and getting a chance to address them.

If they say they don't have any objections or questions your golden.

That is when I like to get them to buy in again with something like this ... "ok to make sure, you are unhappy with the number of new customers in the business. You agree that having an in store contest for email addresses along with an online email capture will help you get the information of your customers so that you can get them back into the store. Is that correct?"

If they say yes the next part is easy.

If they say no - that's easy as well.

Ok if you don't agree tell me what questions or objections you have towards this idea.

Or even more straight to the point - tell me where I went wrong with my understanding.

Again when they bring up an objection that is fine. There is a very simple 3 part formula to overcoming objections.

And we'll cover that tomorrow.


PS: Quick heads up, there is still 1 copy of my latest WSO for sale at the lower price. I am going out of town this weekend for an extended trip and as a result I am thinking of taking down the WSO. So if you want it, now is your time to get off the fence and buy it.

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